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Garden Deal: Rhubarb Livingstone and Lowberry® Lilibarber®
Rhubarb Livingstone and Lowberry® Lilibarber®
A variety of food and rhubarb in autumn – how does that fit together? Rhubarb can be harvested only briefly in the spring. And rhubarb is only good for desserts like cake or compote...those are things of the past. This Garden Deal, with the mini rhubarb Lilibarber® and the autumn rhubarb Livingstone, is in the present time! 30% Off! But only until next Friday or while supplies last! With our new varieties Livingstone and Lilibarber® you will be abl...
Redlove® Calypso®

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Redlove® Circe®

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Redlove Juice

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How figs bear more fruits faster

Everywhere - even in Northern Germany Let’s begin this article about figs in Northern Germany. Specifically in Bad Zwischenahn, at our nursery in Ammerland. One year ago now, I put a fence around my own private terrace, in the old garden of our predecessor, (yes, f-e-n-c-e-d it!) with...


Lollipop or the breeder’s happiness

2013 was not a disastrous year. But it was such a year in which I was unable to get much done. I had already missed the apple summer. There had been way too much work in the nursery, shops and I had travelled. I had hardly had the chance to peacefully check on my breedings, to walk through the...


Hi, my name is Cuckoo!

The breeder, Markus Kobelt, is now allowed to speak (very briefly):  “It is of course the dream of every breeder to newly create a plant, a type of fruit, or to combine new properties in an unknown way that go beyond the respective breeding and are shaped throughout many...


What exactly are Lubera® Easytrees®?

Simple fruit trees. And they are easy because they continue to bear fruit without major training measures and pruning techniques and they grow to be spindle trees that are not too big. In order to avoid misunderstandings: Easytrees are not a variety or group, they are a particular tree shape,...


Strawberry Tiramisu

Have you ever harvested ripe strawberries from a garden? My plants are just starting to bloom. Every year I yearn for the fresh fruit and the amount in the garden is not nearly enough for our appetites. So I drive to strawberry fields and fill bowls to freeze for later. Before freezing, I...


Death of apricots

Hello, I need your advice. My 12 year old apricot Luziet is “ailing”. When I went to Spain four weeks ago, the tree was in bloom. For several years I have been fighting against Monilinia in the variety Luziet. Two years ago I had to cut a thick branch out of the tree so that it...

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