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Garden Deal: The sea buckthorn trio
3x sea buckthorn: Garden's Gift (female), Botanica (female), Pillmix 2 (male)
The almost forgotten source of vitamins Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins, healthy plant metabolites and essential oils. Thanks to less acidity, the fruits of these varieties also have an excellent flavour when eaten fresh. However, they are also very suitable for processing. Harvesting the varieties offered in this Garden Deal is somewhat easier because they have fewer thorns than wild-growing sea buckthorn. The variety 'Botanica' is r...
Redlove® Calypso®

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Redlove® Circe®

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Redlove Juice

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Japanese Kaki

The large-fruited varieties known from the supermarket are  Japanese kaki  (Diospyros kaki). The trees should be protected in the first two years. The winter hardiness of the kaki trees goes down to -15° Celsius. The older the wood, the better the hardiness is and this is...


The Red Dot - or the History of Persica roses

  One of the greatest innovations in the development of garden roses during the past 50 years are  the Persica roses . The roses with the red dot. The fascinating red dot in the middle of the flowers, at the start of the individual petals, is characteristic of  Rosa persica ,...


‘Lowbush’ und ‘Highbush’ Firstberries…

The Lubera® Firstberries®  originate back to Japanese  Lonicera caerulea  seedlings and varieties, which have been collected, tested and selected by the Fruithunters® Lorraine Gardner and Jim Gilbert.  The Firstberries  bloom and mature somewhat later than...


Fertilise pots and containers, otherwise...

«Do no fertilise in the garden; you only need to wait for the harvest.» The most popular country saying, which we like to use in the garden, actually means this: more provides more! "Do you want a little bit more?" The question is good, for example, when shopping for meats,...


Frutilizer® - the fertiliser that bears fruit

Does there really need to be any more fertiliser? The market for fertiliser is more than just confusing. One has the feeling that each individual plant needs a special fertiliser, which is of course just as wrong as applying much too much fertiliser. This is exactly the real problem: that it...


Lubera plants in an English garden

Since I’m British, my first encounter with the wonderful world of Lubera happened around 2010, when Lubera introduced their RedLove apple via Suttons Seeds. There was a bit of a media splash - a red-fleshed apple! It looked rather wonderful, but I wasn’t in the market for a new apple...

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