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Garden Deal: A winter bundle of raspberries
6 x Primeberry® Autumn First®, 6 x Twotimer® Sugana®, 6 x Lubera® Sanibelle (S)
For the perfect start to the 2018 season... No one passes up good raspberries. And especially not this 30% discount! This winter offer is something special: take advantage of this Deal and order now; then at the end of the winter, i.e. late February, early March (depending on the weather), your pre-ordered plants will automatically be delivered to your home. The raspberries can start to grow right away and you can still enjoy the first fruits in...
Redlove® Calypso®

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Redlove® Circe®

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Redlove Juice

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Latest blog posts


Planting Christmas trees in the garden –...

If you plant potted Christmas trees or one of the larger conifers, but also the dwarf conifers sooner or later in your garden, there are a few things to keep in mind. 1. The right location is crucial so that the potted Christmas trees can develop unhindered. A size-limiting cut should not...


Does rhubarb need winter protection?

Basically, there are few plants that prepare so well and as early for the winter as rhubarb. Already in the summer, it begins to die back and now in December one sees only a few dried leaves left over the earth-covered rhizome. There is hardly a reason to think about protecting the rhubarb...


Tips for Christmas trees planted in pots

Compact growing potted conifers Such compact potted conifers have something to offer all year round: in the winter, the rare colour of green; in the spring, the new, fine, mostly light green shoots. In the summer, the lush green is a feast for the eyes, which does not give up even in...


Lots of Christmas trees! Of course, from...

As a kid, it was clear to me that the Christmas tree had been brought and decorated by Father Christmas. Consequently, there was never anything to complain about the Christmas tree, for it had been adorned by a true saint! Who would dare to criticise something or just look critically at the...


5000 trees – for a stroke of luck

5000 apple trees – are long-term and sustainable – and this is for real In mid-November 2017, we planted 5000 fresh apple trees in our breeding fields. Nota bene 5000 different individuals, 5000 different varieties, a wealth of colours, shapes and flavours, which we will...


Gardening tools – now available in the...

When caring for plants, good, quality and appropriate tools and equipment are important. This is true for professionals as well as for hobby gardeners. Unfortunately, the right tool is often times missing at exactly that time when it is needed. Does the soil have the right pH? Is the...

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