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Redlove® Calypso®

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Roseasy® Cardinal

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Rose Roseasy® Athos (in a large...

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Latest blog posts


When Pears are Harvested and When They...

The maturity, more precisely the harvesting maturity and the eating ripeness, is the most difficult topic when it comes to pears and there is a good reason for this. In the case. There are good reasons to say that this topic makes the pear a bit difficult, because in the case of the pear fruits,...


Discount Offer: 20% off of Roses

If one asks me which flowering nature is most beautiful there is only one single answer to this question – " the rose !" It is stunningly fragrant with an incredible variety of colours and flower forms. The Lubera fields are currently blooming and smelling wonderfully! Fragrant roses,...


Roses, strawberries and citrus thorns in...

  Markus was live from Germany in this week’s Lubera UK Facebook video (which you can watch now if you missed it), and although he was talking about citrus thorns, roses and strawberries, the plants are the real stars of the show! A Lubera fan has sent Markus a...


Mandarin Orange Trees

Mandarin orange trees  are wonderful citrus plants that have space on every terrace and every balcony. They live a little bit more in the shadow of the more popular  orange  and  lemon trees . But the delicious fruits, which can be eaten directly off the tree, deserve more...


Gooseberries: a fleeting British treat

It’s not easy to find fresh gooseberries in the shops. Even though they have a long history of being grown in Britain, fewer and fewer UK farms are growing them commercially. Gooseberries are to be found on most allotments, though, as these tough bushes provide a good harvest from...


Conquer the Airspace in Your Garden!

There’s no more space in my garden...a low voice, a depressed look, a depressed mood. How many times do we hear this sigh? It’s a bummer, we would like to so much, but we cannot buy anything, everything is full... Really everything? Focus your eyes not only on the ground (this is...

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