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Lowberry® Blueberry Little Blue Wonder

£17.40 *

Goji berry Turgidus®

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Columnar Apple Malini® Greenlight®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redini® Cuckoo - Columnar Apple

Instead of: £25.90 * £20.90 *

Redlove® Odysso®

Instead of: £19.90 * from £15.90 *

Redlove® Era®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redlove® Calypso®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redlove® Circe®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redlove Juice

£17.40 *

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Baltic berries

The unusual weather patterns this year mean that British berries are appearing earlier in the hedgerows, and are likely to last for longer. It’s going to be a bountiful autumn for the birds, apparently due to a warm dry spring followed by a wet summer. For human foragers, there are sloes...


It depends on the winter – successfully...

  How you overwinter your citrus plants – contributes significantly to the successful growth of lemons , oranges , mandarin oranges and the like, and thus to a rich harvest of delicious citrus fruits. While these exotic fruit trees are easy to care for in the summer, spring...


The different forms of fruit trees in the...

In the Lubera shop you will find all sorts of different fruit trees with different tree forms and plant qualities. It can be confusing buying fruit trees, the same variety can be offered in different variants, and to make matters worse, these variants are also called and handled differently by...


The last autumn offer: all fruit trees are...

From now until the end of November all fruit trees are reduced in price by 20%. Why do we offer this discount? I gladly admit that we would like to make some sales during the autumn months, so we can afford Christmas presents and also a hot soup in February... but above all, this discount is...


When should citrus plants be brought in...

The answer is actually short and concise: As late as possible. And here is the immediate second answer: no, do not put them inside now (in the middle of October)! I know it is hard to withstand this. There is nothing to do in the garden. And that what is still left to be done has already...


When ivy grows up

I recently talked to my sister-in-law, more precisely with my cousin’s ex-wife, about puberty. Of course I meant the puberty of my 14-year-old son; with her daughters, who are more than 10 years older, this is of course already water under the bridge. But she decisively rejected the...

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