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Free delivery for orders with fruit trees or berries. Anything else, flat £4.95.
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Garden Deal: Berry Standards
1 x Cassissima® Standard Noiroma®, 1 x Currant Standard Ribest® Blanchette® and 1 x Fourberry® Standard Black Saphir®
Three berry standards with a 40% discount We have radically reduced three selected berry standards this week! Get 40% off of this bundle! Berry standards offer many advantages: The harvesting and pruning can be done at eye level Healthier plants and higher yields thanks to better drying Economical use of your precious garden space A variety of shapes in the gardenAnd underneath them, all of our fruit friends and strawberries have plenty of room to...
Lowberry® Blueberry Little Blue Wonder

£17.40 *

Goji berry Turgidus®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Columnar Apple Malini® Greenlight®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redini® Cuckoo - Columnar Apple

Instead of: £25.90 * £20.90 *

Redlove® Odysso®

Instead of: £19.90 * from £15.90 *

Redlove® Era®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redlove® Calypso®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redlove® Circe®

Instead of: £17.40 * from £13.90 *

Redlove Juice

£17.40 *

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Gardening tools – now available in the...

When caring for plants, good, quality and appropriate tools and equipment are important. This is true for professionals as well as for hobby gardeners. Unfortunately, the right tool is often times missing at exactly that time when it is needed. Does the soil have the right pH? Is the...


Tiramisu using fruit bread

Actually, all (ok, almost all) of the ingredients for this tiramisu using fruit bread made from pears and figs can be found locally. The figs , cranberries , apricots , orange juice and lemon juice as well as the nuts come from Lubera plants; the eggs, flour, cream and butter come...


Baltic berries

The unusual weather patterns this year mean that British berries are appearing earlier in the hedgerows, and are likely to last for longer. It’s going to be a bountiful autumn for the birds, apparently due to a warm dry spring followed by a wet summer. For human foragers, there are sloes...


It depends on the winter – successfully...

  How you overwinter your citrus plants – contributes significantly to the successful growth of lemons , oranges , mandarin oranges and the like, and thus to a rich harvest of delicious citrus fruits. While these exotic fruit trees are easy to care for in the summer, spring...


The different forms of fruit trees in the...

In the Lubera shop you will find all sorts of different fruit trees with different tree forms and plant qualities. It can be confusing buying fruit trees, the same variety can be offered in different variants, and to make matters worse, these variants are also called and handled differently by...


The last autumn offer: all fruit trees are...

From now until the end of November all fruit trees are reduced in price by 20%. Why do we offer this discount? I gladly admit that we would like to make some sales during the autumn months, so we can afford Christmas presents and also a hot soup in February... but above all, this discount is...

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