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Garden Deal: Paradise-like apples
4 Paradis Easytree Apples: Paradis® Utopia® + Paradis® Werdenberg® + Bionda® Patrizia + Paradis® Elegance®
Not only for apple lovers!   In this Deal we have compiled four apple varieties together. This set is a 30% discount and the varieties complement each other very well.   The variety 'Paradis® Werdenberg®' is already ripe in August and changes its flavour in the course of the coming weeks! It gets fruitier and, above all, sweeter. The 'Paradis® Elegance®' apple matures in September and can then be stored until the end of March. But it ca...
Redlove® Calypso®

from £18.90 *

Redlove® Circe®

from £18.90 *

Redlove Juice

£18.90 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Married®...

Instead of: £25.40 * from £20.40 *

Roseasy® Cardinal

Instead of: £25.40 * from £20.40 *

Roseasy® Kletterröslein Herzlich

Instead of: £25.40 * from £20.40 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Happy...

from £25.40 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Just®...

Instead of: £101.40 * from £84.90 *

Roseasy® Pompadour

from £25.40 *

Latest blog posts


Bee plant for the month of march

In March, I recommend willows to all friends of bees and bumblebees. Nature is still in the starting blocks this year. And if it comes, the sustainable breakthrough of spring, then honey bees will need large quantities of pollen and nectar. But even the bumble bees, which are lured by the heat...


Currant plants - the most important tips...

As soon as the frost is over, we can start planting again. But how should you plant your currants? So that nothing can go wrong, you will learn everything you need to know for successfully planting currants in this article. With the right preparation (almost) nothing can go wrong Before we...


The names of currants

Nomen est omen, is what the Latins say and means that names speak volumes, they tell stories. And indeed, the names of the currant plants do that, and perhaps more than the names of other plants. They tell the story of a crop that was discovered late for the garden, in early modern times. It...


Pruning currant shrubs - is it worthwhile...

You know the sad picture: in a neglected garden corner or on the north side of the house they vegetate by themselves: the old and neglected currant shrubs. They crave fertiliser; they want to be pruned and they want to be loved, yet year after year they have to get along with what the...


Pruning currants

I remember a woman who, after a winter lecture, asked me if it was really necessary to prune currants. She had never heard of such a thing. In her garden she had gigantic currant shrubs from time immemorial, which, even without pruning them had good yields every year; there were always enough...


Propagating currants – how does that work?

Propagating currants is not rocket science when using the right methods. Nevertheless, there are some things, such as the timing of the propagation, that need to be considered. In the following article I will talk about different propagation methods for currants, so that nothing stands in the...

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