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Garden Deal: Set of 3 goji berries
Please stay healthy! Pleasure included.
Now this is healthy snacking! This goji trio has it all! In the truest sense of the word. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, bioactive substances (e.g. against free radicals) - the goji is a firework of healthy ingredients. And just like proper fireworks, they also need to have the right colours: red, orange and yellow. Healthy should not be boring! And with our Garden Deal, you can harvest goji berries from July to October...
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Strawberry Tiramisu

Have you ever harvested ripe strawberries from a garden? My plants are just starting to bloom. Every year I yearn for the fresh fruit and the amount in the garden is not nearly enough for our appetites. So I drive to strawberry fields and fill bowls to freeze for later. Before freezing, I...


Death of apricots

Hello, I need your advice. My 12 year old apricot Luziet is “ailing”. When I went to Spain four weeks ago, the tree was in bloom. For several years I have been fighting against Monilinia in the variety Luziet. Two years ago I had to cut a thick branch out of the tree so that it...


The easy clematis by Raymond Evison

I noticed the   clematis   by Raymond Evison for the first time at the Chelsea Flower Shows - in London, in May. Evison is subscribed there on gold medals; he has already won 15 times in a row for his contribution to the exhibition. Calling his exhibits only beautiful would be an...


Grandmother‘s Gooseberries

My grandmother ran a pharmacy. Half of the house was the pharmacy; my grandma lived in the other half. The pharmacy in the house provided the people with medicine; my grandmother’s personal pharmacy in her garden supplied granny herself.  My grandmother namely never took any...


Rose liqueur

My grandmother had two large tea rose bushes. All real genuine roses are usually edible (unsprayed of course, from your own garden). My grandmother's tea roses were particularly delicate and especially fragrant. And the most important thing was that the roses were extremely healthy –...


Walnut - yes or no

There are very few fruit crops with such decided opinions as the walnut. Either one loves it or rejects it. Perhaps more often one loves the fruit, but rejects the tree. We regularly receive many questions concerning the walnut tree that go something like this: I was advised not to plant a...

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