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Garden Deal: 2 space-saving apple trees
Lubera® Malini Pronto® and Maloni Sally®
Apple dwarfs for small spaces   Do you not have a big garden or your place is limited? Or you only use a terrace or a balcony and still dream of harvesting your own apples? Then keep reading! Because with our own breedings it is also possible to grow apple trees in the smallest of spaces, even in containers on terraces or balconies. This Garden Deal includes the following two varieties: 1x Lubera® Malini Pronto® 1x Lubera® Maloni Sally® Both varieti...
Redlove® Calypso®

from £17.40 *

Redlove® Circe®

from £17.40 *

Redlove Juice

£17.40 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Married®...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £16.90 *

Roseasy® Cardinal

Instead of: £23.90 * from £16.90 *

Roseasy® Kletterröslein Herzlich

Instead of: £23.90 * from £16.90 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Happy...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £16.90 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Just®...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £16.90 *

Roseasy® Pompadour

Instead of: £23.90 * from £16.90 *

Rose Roseasy® Athos (in a large...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £16.90 *

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May there be a little bit more? Yes, there may! And the amount is even more than twice as much! A  Moreberry®  plant consists of two different varieties of the same species in a five litre pot and it additionally complements itself: either the two plants offer different ripening...


The currant fairy tale

There once was a  currant  ...  …and she stood with her many sisters and some prickly little brothers at the very end of the vegetable garden, in the left-hand corner. The currant hardly was ever been recognised and she certainly never felt a helping hand. And every...



I ate a heart nut for the first time! What happened is no surprise for my writing temperament: I wrote a text that is clearly longer than the experience. A text that however lets you relive what a  heart nut  could taste like. Incidentally, we see in our nursery that heart nuts...


Starting 1 October: PLANT FRUIT TREES...

For several years we have been advising to plant fruit trees bareroot and without leaves in autumn starting on 1 October. Here is what this means concretely: the rootball should be shaken out and the remaining autumn leaves should be stripped. Of course, this advice contradicts the...


How figs bear more fruits faster

Everywhere - even in Northern Germany Let’s begin this article about figs in Northern Germany. Specifically in Bad Zwischenahn, at our nursery in Ammerland. One year ago now, I put a fence around my own private terrace, in the old garden of our predecessor, (yes, f-e-n-c-e-d it!) with...


Lollipop or the breeder’s happiness

2013 was not a disastrous year. But it was such a year in which I was unable to get much done. I had already missed the apple summer. There had been way too much work in the nursery, shops and I had travelled. I had hardly had the chance to peacefully check on my breedings, to walk through the...

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