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Garden Deal: Apples like in paradis(e)!
2 x apple tree bushes: Apple Paradis® Werdenberg® and Apple Paradis® Elegance®
Autumn is apple time! Crunchy, fresh, sweet, juicy, tangy, sour, firm, coarse-celled...biting into an apple is more than just eating fruit. From the large variety of apple varieties, we have selected two very special apple trees from our wide range of Lubera apple varieties: The variety 'Paradis® Werdenberg®' is already mature in August and its flavour changes over the course of the coming weeks! It becomes more and more fruity...
Redlove® Calypso®

from £17.40 *

Redlove® Circe®

from £17.40 *

Redlove Juice

£17.40 *

Latest blog posts


Blurring the edible/ornamental divide with...

‘Growing your own’ has been an enduring trend in British gardening over the last few years. Whether it’s because of an interest in healthy food, a desire to protect and reconnect with the environment, or simply a need to reduce the food bills, more and more people are dabbling...


The History and Biology of the Fig: Man as...

I would now like to talk about "cultivation". Cultivation as what man does with nature and perhaps also only means to do. The fig has almost forced itself upon man; it has infiltrated his religious and sexual symbolism, yes, it has indeed superimposed human sexuality in the truest sense of...


A Fig Scandal in California

In the course of its long history, the fig has often been amusing amidst all the confusion that it caused with its different types of fruit and its complicated pollination biology. The most extreme case is the total failure of Californian fig cultivation in the 80s and 90s of the 19th...


Fruity Secrets of the Stone Age

Man v auroch [Image credit: Aurochs1 / Wikimedia Commons] I went back in time this summer, to learn a little about what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. In what became the British Isles, the last hunter-gatherers lived during the middle stone age, or Mesolithic, the period...


Blueberries and Huckleberries in the...

  Berry season in Europe is well underway, also in the Western United States, where I vacationed for the past few weeks. Driving around in Oregon and Washington, it was hard not to notice the fresh fruit stands and I started focusing on the blueberries there. Most common in Oregon...


What Can Go Wrong With Raspberries?

  A customer asked what he had done that was so wrong with his  raspberries   to make them die five weeks after he had planted them. This was our answer, with a wink: almost everything! The customer took it with good humour, especially, of course, because we sent him some...

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