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Surprise Deal: 9 beautiful dahlias
Now is the time to quickly fill gaps in your garden!
Do you like surprises? We sure hope so because we have a surprise Deal of the Week for you! This includes 9 beautiful dahlias. At half price! And should we tell you something else? They are perfectly suitable for planting now, in the already advanced gardening season; they can quickly fill gaps in the garden and then you will get to experience a fantastic sea of flowers in the near future! Here’s what you won’t tell you: which varieties...
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Rose liqueur

My grandmother had two large tea rose bushes. All real genuine roses are usually edible (unsprayed of course, from your own garden). My grandmother's tea roses were particularly delicate and especially fragrant. And the most important thing was that the roses were extremely healthy –...


Walnut - yes or no

There are very few fruit crops with such decided opinions as the walnut. Either one loves it or rejects it. Perhaps more often one loves the fruit, but rejects the tree. We regularly receive many questions concerning the walnut tree that go something like this: I was advised not to plant a...


Planting a Lubera® oca

History/origin Oca ( Oxalis tuberosa ) is from the highlands of the Andes, where it is the second most important root crop after potatoes. Since the 19th century, oca has also been cultivated in New Zealand, where it is known as the New Zealand yam. This root vegetable, at least the...


Berlin sweet potatoes

10 Tips for (not only) urban sweet potatoes Last night in Berlin. Near the S-Bahn station Warschauer Straße, the industrial wastelands, the new buildings, the Mercedes Arena, these areas are slowly getting hip. So hip that the bars and trendy pubs will soon disappear (please also...


Make your own lilac standards

If you have decided on a lilac bush , you must be aware that lilacs will grow wider over the years, more than you will probably prefer. Since the lilac may eventually reach a height of six to seven metres, smaller plants are certainly the best for city gardens and balconies. And...


Lilacs in the morning, during the day and...

Early in the morning, before sunrise, still full of dew, the lilac smells light and refreshing. During the day, there is an intense, sweet fragrance, mixed with the mist; the panicles begin to melt into the air, the colours disperse; and the lilac bush is an oil painting of nature. It is...

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