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Christmas shopping – don’t forget your Lubera voucher! Have you already written a wish list for Santa Claus? We have an unbeatable idea: at a discount of 50% our vouchers during the Advent season are simply a must-have on holiday wish lists! Pay only half and get double! And even that is double! First of all, you get double the value you pay when you buy a voucher. Secondly, you make your recipient happy twice: the first time when he/she unpacks...
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Latest blog posts


Give A 'Standard' Berry For The Fruit...

We are the Christmas Elves of easy berry growing ...and a jolly well deserved title it is too! With just a month until the big day, we have sprinkled our magic fruit breeding dust over a veritable Santa's sack of standard berry delights. So if you have a fruit loving gardener in your life, who...


Christmas Trees From Unexpected Places!

We are so exotic don't you know! I will choose a Christmas tree to celebrate the Birth: I will plant it carefully upon God's good deep earth. I will tend my Christmas tree in honour of the Child: I will leave it growing in the wetness and the wild.  Anon  Only...


The 3 most important tips for training and...

Restrain the centre  Pear trees naturally have the urge to grow strongly and quickly upwards. If they have the choice, they encourage the upper shoots (controlled by the hormones in the shoot tips) far stronger than the shoots below. If you want to raise a small garden tree, you have to...



Of course, we want you to plant  berries  in autumn, even in late autumn. And of course, we are also a little selfish: we are delightful and happy, if we can still make some sales; the dry season of winter until the spring is long enough for tree nurseries and other plant producers....


Blackcurrant: A Very Egg-traordinary...

  Lesya's grandmother often talks about mysterious things. Did the only grandchild really see that eggs were placed into the planting hole in order to promote growth? Were there three eggs? Or maybe only two? First of all, of course, the ashes are convincing. They give a plant pretty...


Blackcurrant leaves and grandmother’s tea

Here is again something that had never occurred to me before, only after I started to write down my memories of my grandmother’s garden for you: I never realised that my grandmother never drank black tea. The black tea tradition in Eastern Europe is very strong. And everyone knows what a...

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