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Garden Deal: Citrus Treasures
1 x Fortunella margarita (oval kumquat); 1 x Citrus limonimedica pigmentata (red lemon)
A mulled wine lemon and an aromatic citrus fruit for snacking   Citrus plants are much more than just "lemons"! In our current citrus deal, we offer a duo that surprises. The fruits of the oval kumquat (the plants are currently hanging full with fruits) are eaten raw – with the peel! The special aroma comes from the mixture of the juicy fruit pulp and the peel that contains aromatic oil. In contrast to the kumquat, the red lemon should be used a...
Redlove® Calypso®

from £17.40 *

Redlove® Circe®

from £17.40 *

Redlove Juice

£17.40 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Married®...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £18.90 *

Roseasy® Cardinal

Instead of: £23.90 * from £18.90 *

Roseasy® Kletterröslein Herzlich

Instead of: £23.90 * from £18.90 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Happy...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £18.90 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Just®...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £18.90 *

Roseasy® Pompadour

Instead of: £23.90 * from £18.90 *

Rose Roseasy® Athos (in a large...

Instead of: £23.90 * from £18.90 *

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The history and biology of the fig: the...

There are endless questions, gardening questions and also ... let's say: other questions concerning the fig. Why does the fig I brought back from my holiday not produce fruit? Where and how does the fig flower? Does the fig need a pollinator? What are common figs? And then there are, as I...


Lubera 'Lowfruits' on The Beechgrove Garden!

  The well loved  BBC gardening programme, ‘Beechgrove Garden',  has been growing some of our  ‘Lowberry’ range  in their wonderful miniature fruit garden. Our  raspberry ‘Little Red...


Three Lemons For the Sick Person

Today I feel ill: I have a sore throat, headache, a slight fever, I am tired from the ibuprofen and exhausted from the antibiotics. I have zero concentration and inspiration…The Lubera garden newsletter, however, must get out punctually. What should I do? I’ll go to the supermarket...


From flowering to harvesting – here’s how...

Citrus fruits  are among the most popular fruit and ornamental plants worldwide. It’s no wonder, due to the fact that they not only look good but also produce delicious and healthy fruits. And the good thing is this: you can harvest your own  citrus plants  in your own...


Roses, raspberries and the native/foreign...

In the last Facebook video show before the summer break, Markus talks about native v foreign plants, and about how some of our traditional and favourite fruits are actually immigrants. And we get to see a tiny bit of the Lubera greenhouse, as he explains what we need to be doing in our...


When Pears are Harvested and When They are...

The maturity, more precisely the harvesting maturity and the eating ripeness, is the most difficult topic when it comes to pears and there is a good reason for this. In the case. There are good reasons to say that this topic makes the pear a bit difficult, because in the case of the pear fruits,...

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