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300+ videos

Of course we would like to sell you plants and not videos. The videos that are available at are free. In the videos, we talk about our new varieties, we provide you with our tips and tricks or sometimes all we want to do is just convey our enthusiasm for plants and gardening. Markus Kobelt, the founder of Lubera, admits that making videos are his second passion next to breeding plants. However there's the obstacle of language. Markus has already produced 1500 German-language videos, and only about 300 in English. German is Markus' mother tongue and English is a foreign language to him. But in the end it is the communication that counts, the message that must get across. The language of the plants, enjoyable gardens and the delights of gardening are aspects that are common to all of us.

By the way: We have the intention of producing at least 200 additional English videos each year! Cut.