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Alberta Spruce 'Conica' in a red, decorative pot

Picea glauca 'Conica' - The conifer in the perfect geometrical shape

Alberta Spruce 'Conica' in a red, decorative pot


Article number: 2194210


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Product information "Alberta Spruce 'Conica' in a red, decorative pot"

The Alberta spruce is meanwhile very common, especially as very small plants, which are used for decorative purposes especially during the Christmas season. Actually Picea glauca 'Conica' is really only accentuated as a relatively large plant with a height of 80 cm or higher. With its perfect cone shape and its dense, green growth, it is the epitome of an elegant and noble plant. The Alberta spruce has its fullest effect when planted singly or when two, large, cone-shaped trees are planted on the right and left of a driveway or when they guard a front door.

The Alberta spruce grows very slowly, only 3 to 15 cm per year and reaches a height of approximately 2-2.5 metres. This tree is also known as Sugar Top Fir because of its resemblance to an old-fashioned sugar loaf. And like almost all really compact growing conifers, it is the modification, the mutation of a normal growing conifer, in this case the American white spruce. It was discovered in 1904 as a random mutation at Lake Laggan (known today as Lake Louise) in the Canadian province of Alberta, Canada.
Are these artificial forms of plants? No, there are gifts of nature, uncontrolled and they occur spontaneously, time and again; they are sudden changes in the genetic information that can affect the growth, but also all other properties of the plant. And then there is the trained eye of the gardener, the garden friend, who discovers such special forms, notices them and then possibly cultivates them. Especially in today’s range of conifers, most of the varieties come from such natural changes in nature, which were discovered by attentive gardeners.

Suitable as a potted Christmas tree

Well, actually the Alberta spruce does not even come close to being a Christmas tree. It has very dense growth, there is no room for candles, no flat branches. Nevertheless, the noble, conical shape has prevailed, which almost resembles a giant pinecone and is often used at Christmas. It is actually not used as much as a Christmas tree itself, but as a symbolic, decorative element, usually outdoors. The Alberta spruce seems then to say: "Look here, I am so beautiful and by the way, it’s Christmas time!" Thanks to its impressive form and shape, the Alberta spruce only has to be decorated with a string of lights or a red sash and then a festive feeling in already instilled.
  • Final height 2m to 3m
  • Final width 180cm to 2m
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type evergreen
  • Use beds/borders, outdoors, for containers, for group plantings, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil heavy, moderately heavy, light, alkaline, slightly alkaline, neutral, acidic, slightly acidic
  • Location shade, partial shade
  • Leaf Colour green

Customer comments "Alberta Spruce 'Conica' in a red, decorative pot"

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