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Astrantia, great masterwort - unique umbels of starry flowers

As I stroll through my perennial garden, I am really looking forward to the upcoming Astrantia flowers. The beauty of the single flower can hardly be described. Summed up in an umbel, the flowers look like nostalgic Biedermeier bouquets with their neat cuffs.

Open field/outdoor tomatoes – a guide for planting and care

Open field and tomatoes? These two words do not really fit together, you might think at first. Tomatoes can only grow and thrive in a purpose-built tomato house. And those who do not have a tomato house do not have tomatoes. The open field/outdoor tomatoes, however, make it possible for you to grow tomatoes in a small garden or even a container on the terrace, without rain protection. Planting instructions and other important information about open field tomatoes can be found in this article.

Caring for hydrangeas – for flowers all summer long

Those who want to care for hydrangeas have a worthwhile task. The popular garden hydrangeas are stunning with their oversized flower heads in rich blue, bright pink or pure white and they have an old-fashioned charm that is hard to elude. This makes them almost unrivalled in the world of flowering shrubs. If you care for hydrangeas and have the right know-how, you are guaranteed to experience a long-lasting, colourful show of flowers in your garden. Here you will find the most important tips for planting and caring for your hydrangeas.

Raspberry yellow rust - symptoms, life cycle and control

Anyone who has raspberries in their home garden will come into contact with raspberry yellow rust sooner or later. We are talking about the plant pathogen Phragmidium rubi-idaei, which often appears more at this time of the year, i.e. at the beginning of midsummer. How to identify the symptoms of this disease and how to get rid of it can be found in this article.

Cutting perennials without fear – instructions for cutting summer perennials

The summer has barely begun, but in the past dry and hot weeks, many of our perennials have grown so much that many have already completed their flowering period or no longer look beautiful after the drought damage. Many garden owners are now unsure if and when they may or should cut back the perennials. I would like to write about an easy solution, but the demands and the treatment of the plants is as varied and diverse as the abundance of perennials themselves.

The self-pollination of tomatoes and its impact

We are confronted with questions about pollination very often. How does pollination exactly work for this or that plant or crop? Are there male and female plants? Does this plant need a pollinator? Of course, God forbid, the background to these favourite questions is not the genuine interest in the sex of the plants, but the concern for the fruit yield. Mostly, the answers to these questions are fortunately less complicated than the questions are intended. This is also the case with the tomato: the cultivated tomato, as we know it, is self-fertile. That’s a fact. Now we should all be relieved of our worries. But it's not so easy with the self-fertility of tomatoes...

Gillenia trifoliata, the unknown beauty

Do you know Gillenia trifoliata? No? That's what we thought…few people know Bowman’s root. For years we have been offering Gillenia trifoliata on our sales tables, but unfortunately this plant is rarely bought.


Plant persimmon and harvest kaki

Plant persimmon and harvest kaki

If you want to plant a persimmon, you should check out this exotic fruit or plant and its location requirements. Here at Lubera® you will find many tips and beautiful persimmon plants for your garden.

Chelsea 2018 - Impressions from the competition gardens

Almost 1,500 photos in one day, about 15 videos and countless impressions, that's my conclusion to the Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Thanks to an invitation from Simon Crawford of Burpee, I was able to visit the exhibition early on press day, on Monday, and could, therefore, work with less stress. Work? Well, somehow you have to sort out and weigh the impressions. So what is there to say about the Chelsea Flower Show 2018?

Perennial story - when should lavender be pruned?

This is a question that is always asked in sales conversations or guided tours through our nursery, and also completely unexpectedly. If you are standing in front of the phloxes and are just about to talk about something completely different, our customers ask “When should lavender be pruned?” This is an issue that is a real concern to garden owners.

Leaf Curl – Breeding Resistant Peaches and Nectarines

After our last report on the subject of breeding, another very topical topic that currently concerns us will be discussed here. Some of you have discovered it in your own garden. We are talking about leaf curl. Lubera® is committed to breeding peaches that are resistant to leaf curl and this will save you from having to deal with this in your garden in the future.

Young Potato Plants – how to plant and cultivate

We also offer our entire potato assortment as young plants – in so-called ‘Speedpots’. Speed, because with these pre-cultivated plants a lot of time can be saved during the cultivation and because potato crops are even possible much later in the year.

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