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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

5000 trees – for a stroke of luck

5000 trees – for a stroke of luck

In mid-November 2017, we planted 5000 fresh apple trees in our breeding fields. Nota bene 5000 different individuals, 5000 different varieties, a wealth of colours, shapes and flavours, which we will then explore in the next few years. For example, crossings in which we try to combine the hanging habit of an ornamental Malus variety with more resistance and better fruit quality. Many crosses are to improve the texture of the Redlove apple and to make them more storable as well. This also includes crosses that seek to combine the lack of seeds in 19th century American varieties with the fruit quality and resistance of modern Lubera varieties. And so on…

Gardening tools – now available in the Lubera Christmas-Shop

When caring for plants, good, quality and appropriate tools and equipment are important. This is true for professionals as well as for hobby gardeners. Unfortunately, the right tool is often times missing at exactly that time when it is needed. Does the soil have the right pH? Is the nutrient concentration correct and has it rained enough or should I water my plants? And how do I keep my plants healthy during the winter? The answers to such questions can be found in the Lubera-Shop.


I’ll admit it: my favourite season is spring. No you do not misunderstand me. In the spring, I am more attracted to the garden, especially when it comes to getting things done. Why is it that in the spring, with the longer days, one has more energy than in autumn? Autumn is the time for harvesting and autumn is also generally a time for gardening.


You are, I hope, accustomed to some madness at Lubera. But this news needs a little bit of time to get used to: we are starting to produce citrus trees at Lubera and have therefore become the probably most northern citrus tree nursery in the world!

How did we come to this decision? Don’t citrus plants grow better in the south? As always, there are of course several reasons for producing citrus plants at Lubera in Buchs, Switzerland:

Merry Fruitful Christmas From Lubera!

2016 has been a year of fruitful fabulousness for the Lubera team. New products were brought forth aplenty to all our customers and included strawberries with the perfect aroma and a very high opinion of themselves in 'Freeclimber' and 'Freejumper'. More magical mini varieties, that Gulliver would be proud of, were introduced for the perfect fruit for growing in a small area, these included Rhubarb 'Lilibarber', Blueberry 'Little Blue Wonder' and Pear 'Little Sweety.

Lubera-Questionnaire: 3 x winners of £50 Lubera voucher each

Want to win some of our lovely Lubera products? At Lubera, our customers are extremely important to us. Therefore we are conducting this survey to get to know more about you, in hopes of offering you a good range of products and services that best suits your needs.

This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes. And as a BIG FRUITY thank you for filling in our questionnaire...we are offering you the chance to win some of our products!

Prize: 3 x winners of £50 Lubera voucher each

What exactly are Lubera® Easytrees®?

Simple fruit trees. And they are easy because they continue to bear fruit without major training measures and pruning techniques and they grow to be spindle trees that are not too big. In order to avoid misunderstandings: Easytrees are not a variety or group, they are a particular tree shape, which makes the plants, training and harvesting of fruit trees much easier: we produce the Easytrees as one-year-old trees in five litre pots.


Luther Burbank

Luther Burbank

Everyone has their heroes. A role model, that one emulates and admires. If such role models are from the past, then this has the advantage that one is not required to catch up to them, simply because they cannot do it. They lived at a different time, and so the load of the role model weighs a little less. However, I would not do without such role models.


American stories: a taxi ride across Portland

American stories: a taxi ride across Portland

I had already seen the vines at a Walmart or at the Home Depot in Wenatchee. I perceived them while passing by; I photographed the pots and brand and thought to myself briefly how many times they need to be cut in order for them to end up this short, only 50 cm tall. In the garden centres around Seattle and Portland, which I visited the next day, I again saw the same mini vines. I saw them while passing by; I had already taken a picture of them...


The diversity we are talking about…

The diversity we are talking about…

Variation, diversity is "in". So "in" that it is already politically correct to prescribe it. And at the end what gets ignored? Precisely! Freedom and ultimately diversity again. That now maybe sounds a bit abstract, but ultimately I have repeatedly had the experience that one is not to be trusted, who preaches freedom and diversity and then immediately sets up rules for the"correct" handling of diversity. Diversity and freedom can probably only be as one and not in the "yes, but" mode.


The Alliance for Better Raspberries

The Alliance for Better Raspberries

After 4 years of collaboration with the research institute East Malling we have gained a Spanish and an additional English partner for the "alliance for better raspberries." In the breeding club, Lubera continues to be the exclusive partner for the home garden market.

How we searched for the name of the pear in England... and SOMEHOW also found it

Finding a new name for a new variety is quite a thing. It must come to mind. For example, on the 888 km long drive from Buchs to our nursery in Bad Zwischenahn, or at 5:00 am in the morning while sitting at the computer finishing the last pages of our new catalogue – sorry, I mean Garden Book!

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