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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.
What exactly are Lubera® Easytrees®?

Simple fruit trees. And they are easy because they continue to bear fruit without major training measures and pruning techniques and they grow to be spindle trees that are not too big. In order to avoid misunderstandings: Easytrees are not a variety or group, they are a particular tree shape, which makes the plants, training and harvesting of fruit trees much easier: we produce the Easytrees as one-year-old trees in five litre pots.


The Alliance for Better Raspberries

The Alliance for Better Raspberries

After 4 years of collaboration with the research institute East Malling we have gained a Spanish and an additional English partner for the "alliance for better raspberries." In the breeding club, Lubera continues to be the exclusive partner for the home garden market.

How we searched for the name of the pear in England... and SOMEHOW also found it

Finding a new name for a new variety is quite a thing. It must come to mind. For example, on the 888 km long drive from Buchs to our nursery in Bad Zwischenahn, or at 5:00 am in the morning while sitting at the computer finishing the last pages of our new catalogue – sorry, I mean Garden Book!

English Gardening Journalists at Lubera®

This is how we had imagined it to be, as we began to sell plants in England two years ago - primarily through our website

The role of the garden in the UK cannot be compared with any other country. In September 2015, we invited 20 English gardening journalists to East Malling in order to check out our raspberry breedings, which we conduct jointly with East Malling, and to learn about the new varieties of Lubera’s other types of fruit. We invited 20 journalists, and the 20 journalists came - unimaginable on the continent!

The Christening Of Lubera’s New Mini Pear

Readers of the Gardeners World newsletter were asked to send in their chosen name for a chance to win one of these superb pears.  The winning name decided upon was 'Joy Of Kent' which seemed to best describe the feeling of finding and tasting this pear in the Garden Of England.

Lubera Press Event From A PR’s Perspective

Last week saw the first UK Lubera Press Event take place at East Malling in Kent. With limited space for the event it was my very hard job to select a good mix of only a few gardening press who would like to attend, there are so many excellent journalists and bloggers out there that it is so hard to choose! But choose I did and what a superb group of people attended.

Why Not Mish, Mash & Mix It Up With Music, Tattoos and Cherry Dresses

Today we would like to introduce Francijn Suermondt ... or even better ... we asked Fran to introduce herself ;-) Fran is our new person for PR for United Kingdom - but she is much more than this. She is our first Lubera co-worker in the UK, she is our pathfinder in UK! And we are thrilled about her "rockabillyness"!

Interview with Toni Heyler, our translator

Toni, tell us how you bring language, writing and gardening together at the same time. Those are skills that a single person rarely has. ;-)
It just so happened that way. When I was 15, my first job was at a tree nursery and that is what first sparked my interest in horticulture. Also around that time, I was able to take a month-long trip to Germany with a school class and that got me interested in the German language and culture. In college, I continued to learn German and ended up earning degrees in both German and horticulture. Now I am fortunate that my job combines both interests. It works out really well.