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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

What exactly does LUBERA mean?

What exactly does LUBERA mean? 
Actually, the answer is quite simple: Nothing. Lubera means nothing; it is a made-up word that I created more than 18 years ago when I was looking for a brand name for my company (which at that time was called Rhein-Baumschulen). Today, Lubera® is our brand name; it is the name of our sales company in Switzerland and of our branch in Germany; Lubera, with all its possible endings, is also our URL. Rhein-Baumschulen incidentally remains the name of our production nursery in Switzerland. But ultimately there are more legal-economic than objective reasons for this. 

Let’s go back in time 18 years ago, in the mid-90s. I can no longer exactly remember the correct year. I had built up a small nursery in Buchs (CH) and with all the effort that we invested in breeding, in the varieties and in the production, I clearly saw the need to focus on a brand. We needed to find a word that advocates our work instead of only producing good plants. And I realized, though Rhein-Baumschulen was a good name, it could not be used internationally; it is too close to the production and to the nursery. My family name, Kobelt, or possibly the name Gasenzer, which was my mother’s maiden name (my mother’s grandfather started growing trees 100 years ago), were also not suitable as a brand name, nothing was really stimulating or “sexy”.

Then on a long train journey on the way to the IPM trade fair in Essen, Germany, I came up with different possible brand names, among others “Lubera”.  This word originated from a brainstorm combining the German words “Lustvoll” (pleasurable) and “Beeren” (berries). Now you ask, how does the -ra come into play? When creating a brand name, almost everything is allowed; yes, there are no grammatical constraints, but I really wasn’t that imaginative at all…in Swiss dialect, berries are called “beri” or “bera”. Lubera, voilà! 

A brand name should be short and easy to remember; it should sound good, it should not have any negative associations, it should be easy to pronounce in as many languages as possible. And I must say, the name Lubera works very well, even though I did not carefully consider all this at the time. But what I did think about was this:  A brand name should not actually be tied too closely to a person. This does not seem to apply to fashion (Donna Karan...), but this point ultimately persuaded me not to use my (as I said pretty unsexy sounding) last name as a brand name, but to find an imaginative word that means nothing at first, but that can include everything (even in the future): My efforts, the work of my staff and at some point also my successor, our plants and varieties, our interaction with our customers, our websites. 'Lubera' can do all this significantly better than 'Markus Kobelt'. And yes, maybe there's also the hidden hope of a small piece of immortality ;-) I mean the hope that a free, unbound brand name stays around longer than a person's name... 


But again, what does Lubera mean?
It means exactly that what we and our customers have put into it in recent years, especially our work and our communication. But of course the claim, which follows the brand name, gives us the opportunity to leave a mark, to give an indication and to channel the associations. In German, this claim is “Lustvoll gärtnern”, which translates to “Fruitful gardening” in English. The words in German have a quite deliberate sexual touch (to be taken with a wink), however it is still too general for a gardener who always has pleasure and joy. Gardening is not particularly sweaty work (yes, I know that it also consists of that), but ultimately a fruitful lifestyle that involves the effort and harvest, enjoyment and contemplation. And all this is only possible, especially in the area of fruit and berries, if the varieties bred for growing in gardens fill these objectives: Better taste, easier to grow and more resistant. This is exactly what we concentrate on in our Lubera breeding programme, which has produced over 80 varieties in the last 10 years. And that is the horticultural core of Lubera. 

But why is the English slogan “fruitful gardening” and not “lustful gardening”?
I admit it only reluctantly that we lacked a bit of courage and the sexual connotations of “lustful” were too strong for us, and so we chose the somewhat factual and modest word “fruitful”. But this word has it all: Gardeners should be able to harvest the plants they grow; their garden dreams should become reality and also produce a result or a harvest. And so this slogan will remain expressive when we expand our breeding programmes more and more towards flowering shrubs, which we currently are doing.

Based on surveys, we meanwhile know that our customers are aware that we have a wide range of plants with Lubera innovations, new fruit and berry varieties, our own breedings and our shop sites at and And we are proud of this. But still, we are not satisfied. Of course, despite already over 4 million video views, despite 10,000 + visitors who visit our websites daily, the name Lubera is still far too little known. We are working continuously on this. But we want to also extend the “softer” side of Lubera and the perception of the company: 

Gardening as a lifestyle, meaning more enjoyment rather than sweaty work

Gardening with a little bit of humour, with a wink 

Gardening and also talking about it, writing about it and filming it: It's important to have these meta-levels. Lubera loves to talk about gardening. 

So what does Lubera mean?
Ultimately, although I founded the company and created the brand, I cannot give an answer, even with so many words. YOU, our readers, viewers and customers, are what Lubera is and what it will be. We can sit here and hope that our work bears fruit… 


P.S.: When choosing artificial names, there is quite often a hidden irony behind it. Not infrequently one is literally caught up with the meaning of the words. So I learned a few years ago - although my wife comes from Poland - that there's a family named Lubera there. And that emigrated part of this family has a well-known wedding photographer in the United States. If we had known this before our wedding, this whole story would have been much more dynamic.


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