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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Why Amazon customers should buy directly from Lubera

Why Amazon customers should buy directly from Lubera 

 Especially in England we hear again and again how “great” it is that we sell our plants through Amazon. Obviously Amazon is the standard for many online shoppers; they trust the company and they feel well served. Also in Germany our customer advisors have experienced in some discussions that there are customers who think they have bought plants through our shop, but indeed and in truth they bought our products on the Amazon marketplace. 


Fran Suermondt, our English colleague, wanted to know more and asked Markus a few questions: 

 Does Lubera sell all its products through Amazon, via the Amazon Marketplace? 

Yes, we sell our entire range in Germany and Austria, also through Amazon. In England we sell all the products that are available on 

 Are the Lubera plants cheaper through Amazon? 

Ha, yes, everyone always thinks that Amazon is cheap! But no, we currently sell our products at the exact same prices as on our shop. However we are also considering price increases on Amazon, simply because selling on a platform costs us a lot. And currently, Amazon has started to collect high minimum sales charges for low-priced products (e.g. seeds), which can amount to 50% of the value of the goods. 

 How much do you pay for using the Amazon marketplace and is it profitable for you? 

We pay just under 20%, so we must hand over about 20% of our profits for each euro / franc / pound we earn at Amazon. The result is that most Amazon orders are taken from a purely business point of view and are actually uneconomical. 

 Amazon has indeed just announced huge losses for the last quarter; are you not responsible for this? 

(laughs) No, we really can’t do anything about that. But these minimum sales charges could also be due to the fact that Amazon is trying to enlarge its income. But otherwise I admire Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos because the company thinks very long term; it subordinates everything with the goal of making Amazon bigger. 

 Why do you do it anyway, why do you sell your plants via the Amazon Marketplace? 

Amazon increases our visibility and ultimately it is a way to find new Lubera gardeners and to lead them to us. It is ultimately an advertising channel. 

 Then it makes no sense for you, for your customers to use Amazon in the long-term? 

No, not at all. It must be our goal to have Amazon customers shop in the longer term directly at Lubera. What Amazon does with “partners”, who have become dependent, can be seen in the book industry. Here, however, the blame is not so easy: actually the publishers are to blame because they have been asleep for more or less 20 years. 

 What percent of Amazon customers later switch to the Lubera online shops or 

Currently it is about 15% within 2 years. But we have promoted this switch too little in the past, and are now working hard to increase the switching rate. 

 Do you treat your Amazon customers the same as customers who buy directly from the Lubera shop? 

We do everything in our power to treat them the same; yes, we want to gain “full” Lubera customers who buy directly from us. First of all, we must make the customers satisfied. But Amazon makes customer service very difficult for us: the customer’s email address is not available to us and the communication with the customer is thus mostly indirectly through Amazon, which makes everything very slow and very cumbersome. 

 Is it in your opinion, from the customer's point of view, reasonable to buy from Amazon? 

The first purchase on Amazon makes sense, I can understand that. Amazon is reliable, you have an account, the ratings already show how a supplier operates and one quickly exceeds the threshold to shop online. In the longer term it makes no sense from a customer's perspective to buy from Amazon; the Amazon customer is simply much further away from the supplier, the customer service and the knowledge of the supplier. Ultimately, the quality of an online plant provider shows firstly in the quality of the products, but secondly also in the quality of the service. And it is simply better if you shop directly with us. Not because we are not trying our best for Amazon customers, but simply because we are much closer to the customer on our own platform and we can also react faster and less bureaucratic.



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