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Frutilizer® - the fertiliser that bears fruit

Does there really need to be any more fertiliser? The market for fertiliser is more than just confusing. One has the feeling that each individual plant needs a special fertiliser, which is of course just as wrong as applying much too much fertiliser.

This is exactly the real problem: that it is confusing how many fertilisers there are and that one then does not know exactly where and how to apply them…

And what kind of fertiliser do we want to offer to our customers? Seriously, we decided, parallel to our own range of soil, to develop our own range of fertiliser – the Lubera® Frutilizer®. Even when it sounds contradictory:

We offer even more fertiliser to make it easier and to make every other fertiliser superfluous...

And of course, we also have used our professional experience as a production gardener in order to productively apply this to the situation in small gardens and on terraces. The fact that we increasingly apply more and more liquid fertiliser to the pots at our nursery, directly through the irrigation system, for example, has resulted in us placing a focus on the Instant Frutilizer®, which is water soluble and provides the plants with the correct amount of nutrient salts at just the right moment when they are needed by the plant.

Lubera Frutilizer® are general fertilisers that bear fruit; they are fertilisers that are beneficial and they help make plants become more beautiful and healthier. But this success only comes into play if you use the fertilisers correctly. It helps that we only have six different fertilisers. There is no need for any more than that. Gardening success with fertilisers also means being aware that there are many gardening and planting situations where they should not be used.


Frutilizer® - not just for fruits

The slogan of the "fertiliser that bears fruit" can also be understood in a transposed sense. Of course Frutilizer® is also helpful for ornamental plants, flowering plants, bedding and balcony plants as well as hedge plants. Do not forget: even if we enjoy the flowers, the biology, the appeal of most plants is their fruits due to their natural programming. They bloom not for the sake of the blossoms, but for the fruits and seeds.

If we enjoy many plants only because of their flowers, this does not matter to the plants. Expressed differently: only if we support ornamental plants as needed and they feel that they are able to reproduce themselves, to produce fruits and seeds, they will also bloom…

Of course we concentrated on fruit-bearing plants when putting together our Frutilizer® range, but this goes with saying that ornamental shrubs and plants can also be successfully fertilised.


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