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Homemade Raspberry Vinegar


Some people claim that vinegar is unhealthy. Acetic acid attacks the gastric mucosa and irritates the gastrointestinal tract. And these claims are correct, of course. Yes, of course, if you drink several litres of vinegar daily, it simply has nothing left to do but corrosively attack all of your internal organs.

Vinegar helps against constipation and heartburn; it regulates your blood sugar level, protects against calcifications, normalises cholesterol levels and provides the body with minerals and vitamins...yes, vinegar is one of the oldest natural medicines we know. It also tastes great, especially homemade raspberry or strawberry vinegar. Here’s how you can quickly prepare your own:


• 500 ml white balsamic vinegar 

• 300 g raspberries (it also works well with frozen fruit)

Those who would like can add a few pepper kernels or one small piece of ginger...basil, peppermint, etc. Be creative with your own ideas! Always try something new! It’s fun!



• Place the raspberries in a clean glass and pour the balsamic vinegar over them.

• If you like, you can add some lemon zest; a teaspoon of vanilla sugar is also delicious.

• Close the glass and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least five days.

• The glass should be lightly shaken every once in a while, as the raspberries would otherwise all swim up.

• Strain the raspberries and bring the vinegar to a boil in a pot.

• Let cool and if you are picky, pour the vinegar through a filter (for example through a coffee filter/paper towel/special filter cloth) and then fill it into bottles.

Now your raspberry vinegar is ready to use and it is very suitable for perfecting dark sauces and using on various salads. It can also be spiced up with a handful of herbs.

Raspberry vinegar should be stored cool (between 8° to 12°C) and in a dark place.


Decoratively filled, it is also a beautiful and unique gift. It is not only the colour that makes the raspberry vinegar so striking, but also its taste. Since raspberries contain quite a lot of sugar, the vinegar also has a slightly sweet flavour.

Have fun trying out this recipe!

And if you were to use 300 g of fresh or frozen strawberries instead of 300 g of raspberries, you get a wonderful, aromatic and colourful strawberry vinegar.

Lesya Kochubey


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