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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Mousse à l' amour rouge

Yes, admittedly I am currently somewhat influenced by the French, especially when it comes to food and enjoyment. Do you want to know what this title means? It's simply means “applesauce”, more precisely, Redlove applesauce. 


But maybe this is not quite so simple: Several years ago, at our nursery in Buchs, we were expecting visitors: The women from a service club. The men, meanwhile, were at a meeting and the ladies were supposed to be offered entertainment and information. This was perfect for Lubera.

The women arrived, of course, smartly dressed, and as a welcoming gesture and an early reward for my upcoming garden talk, we served a chilled pink mousse mass in very small, white bowls with even smaller spoons. Thoughtful, cautious glances. Tentative tastes. The volume level then rapidly increased as it does (sorry) when a group of more than 10 women get together. Humming and singing, vibrato! No one could understand a word!

Then I asked with my bass of a voice: "Ladies, what did you just eat?"

I'll spare you the answers, but nobody came even remotely to the idea of having eaten applesauce. For it was actually the opposite of “boring”, ordinary applesauce – it was served chilled; it was rich in flavours and had an elegant pink colour! Never could it be applesauce!

And it was not, it was Redlove applesauce. Or just mousse à l amour rouge.

And it needs no stars, no cooking doctrine nor many years of experience to successfully make this applesauce yourself. Simply peel Redlove apples, cut them into pieces and cook. Calypso cooks the fastest (5-10 minutes); Odysso takes the longest, about 15 minutes. When using 3-5 apples, simply add approx. 50 ml water. No sugar, nothing. Serve chilled as a dessert. Or warm with meat dishes, especially pork and game.

And for those who have not yet had enough anticipation, I can recommend my video where the depths of the red moussology are penetrated and the tastes of the unmixed applesauces (with Odysso, with Era and with Calypso apples) are individually discussed.


The extensive Redlove applesauce tasting.

For those who are in a hurry, here are the most important tasting notes:

Mousse à l' amour rouge d'Calypso

- The overall favourite

- Cooks the fastest

- The most wholesome applesauce, with the ripe flavours

Mousse à l' amour rouge d'Odysso

- The most flavourful variety, although it is the sweetest apple, you can still taste the maturity level of the apple

- Very tangy, with plum flavours

Mousse à l' amour rouge d'Era

- Interesting combination of sparkling, but no longer tangy acidity with very ripe flavours, also pear flavours




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