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Planting Christmas trees in the garden – the most important tips


If you plant potted Christmas trees or one of the larger conifers, but also the dwarf conifers sooner or later in your garden, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. The right location is crucial so that the potted Christmas trees can develop unhindered. A size-limiting cut should not be performed on conifers, as this is often a considerable interference with its beautiful habit. And do not forget: the former Christmas tree should not obstruct or limit the garden inhabitants and persons in the house.

2. First, find out about the final size of the potted Christmas trees that you would like to plant later. How big will your conifer grow? With large conifers you will have to provide enough space! But even dwarf conifers should not be very hard pressed by other plants; due to their low growth, they then quickly disappear between other plants and get bare completely or on one side.

3. Dwarf coniferous plants, including the former compactly growing Christmas trees, work best together individually or in small groups with other weak-growing plants. Columnar conifers are well suited in pairs for marking entrances, entrances or passageways.

4. Most conifers we offer during the Christmas season are undemanding at the location you provide them. It should be sunny or partially shaded, with neutral or slightly acidic soil. Most conifers tolerate waterlogging poorly, so the soil must be well-drained, but in contrast it may not get too dry.

5. When planting, you can easily shake out the root ball, which makes it easier for the plant to grow its roots into the new soil. Make sure that the plants are not planted deeper than they were in the pot.

If you pay attention to these few things, then your Christmas tree will also develop well outside in the garden and you will enjoy it for a long time.


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