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If one asks me which flowering nature is most beautiful there is only one single answer to this question – "the rose!" It is stunningly fragrant with an incredible variety of colours and flower forms.

The Lubera fields are currently blooming and smelling wonderfully! Fragrant roses, Austin roses, climbing roses, floribunda roses, painter’s roses, shrub roses, rambling roses, hybrid teas, standard roses, ground-covering roses, dwarf roses, wild roses or historical roses. The diversity is tempting, and somewhere in your garden there is still room for a new rose.

If your garden is already planted and you think you have a space problem, then plant roses in a container! Basically, you can plant any rose in a container if it has a large enough volume.This is also perfectly highlighted by Karl Foerster, who said: 

"The more beautiful a garden is, the more places for roses there are that arise by themselves."

Take advantage of this offer! Our roses can be planted at any time. You get a strong plant in the large container, whose full, rich bloom can be enjoyed this year! And all that with a 20% discount!

In one of my recent live videos on Facebook, I recommended some roses, which are currently beautifully bushy, vigorous, in bud, and simply breath-taking. Here again is the list of the 10 most awe-inspiring roses from the 270 varieties in our complete assortment, which are the most breathtaking at this time of year: 

For Your Eyes Only ®Dolce Vita®Graham Thomas®PianoQueen BabylonEngland's Rose la Parisienne®ADR rose ElbflorenzThe Queen Elizabeth Rose® and Maurice Utrillo®.

Markus Kobelt


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