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Lots of Christmas trees! Of course, from Father Christmas!


As a kid, it was clear to me that the Christmas tree had been brought and decorated by Father Christmas. Consequently, there was never anything to complain about the Christmas tree, for it had been adorned by a true saint! Who would dare to criticise something or just look critically at the tree to even some extent?

Father Christmases...

But what struck me: obviously, our Father Christmas and my best friend’s Father Christmas had a completely different taste. On the one hand, the decoration was opulent, very dense and in all sorts of colours; in our case, it was simple, with more elegance than opulence, and not so colourful. The choice of trees was completely different: my best friend had a dense tree (and if it was not dense enough, then – as I learned years later – a branch was just simply added). The Christmas balls were forced downright between the needles and I cannot say with certainty whether the candles could be lit. For us it was usually a slim, loose tree, with enough space for balls and lots of sparklers and ordinary candles. This story certainly shows is one thing: Father Christmas has different preferences. ;-)

And because preferences are very different, we also offer a large selection of Christmas conifers in our shop, which you can design and decorate for a long time and according to your taste, and eventually even continue to grow them outdoors. So please pass on your preferences to Father Christmas immediately. If in doubt, of course, a corresponding order in our shop is enough...

May the Christmas tree live forever!

Christmas, the feast of love, family and friends. Long before Christmas, people have and get in a cosy mood. Yes, exactly, also here with this article in Lubera’s garden letter. Hopefully at least!

And then, sometime after Christmas, maybe even after the New Year, with us it's always Epiphany, the Christmas tree is disposed of. Those who have a wood stove at home maybe burn the tree; otherwise it will be taken with the organic waste. My childlike self never completely understood that part and for me it was a very sad thing. Father Christmas had given us a beautiful tree, and then, after only 2-3 weeks, the tree was simply disposed of. It was such a shame for me!

Once again, my best friend told me that they would always celebrate Christmas with the same tree; first it would be in a pot for a few years, then, when it grew too big, it was simply planted in the garden and decorated there. Such sustainability made quite an impression on my childlike mind. And above all, the Christmas tree did not have to die, but could continue to grow.

What did I not consider? How incredibly large many conifers can become!

And that Father Christmas would soon be unemployed...


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