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‘Lowbush’ und ‘Highbush’ Firstberries…

The Lubera® Firstberries® originate back to Japanese Lonicera caerulea seedlings and varieties, which have been collected, tested and selected by the Fruithunters® Lorraine Gardner and Jim Gilbert. The Firstberries bloom and mature somewhat later than the Mayberries, the Siberian blueberries or however the honeyberries (Lonicera caerulea or kamtschatika) are called that have a mostly Russian and continental origin.

The Firstberries® have four decisive advantages: More and later flowers, better pollination, higher yields and, above all, beautiful and healthy, greenish blue foliage up until the autumn months. There are two different growth and plant types of Fruithunters® Firstberries: the 'Lowbush' Firstberries grow compact and bushy; they are rather wide with tight, densely packed leaves and branches. Thanks to their compact and distinctive habit and the bluish green foliage, they also have great ornamental value and can be used for hedges.

The yield is greater than in the case of the Mayberries, but by far not as good as the 'Highbush' Firstberries®. One really has to take a close peek at the 'Lowbush' Firstberries® and look under the leaves and shoots in order to see and harvest the fruits. So please always raise the shoots at the end of May/beginning of June, as this is how one can see the crop of fruits. The 'Highbush' Firstberries® grow extremely upright and open – almost like a different plant species. They also have healthy summer and autumn foliage, and they offer a huge yield of large and aromatic, white, fragrant Firstberries.


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