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The History and Biology of the Fig: Man as a Fig Slave


I would now like to talk about "cultivation". Cultivation as what man does with nature and perhaps also only means to do. The fig has almost forced itself upon man; it has infiltrated his religious and sexual symbolism, yes, it has indeed superimposed human sexuality in the truest sense of the word: as a fig leaf.

It is not too far to a phallic meaning that the fig and the fig wood with its milky juice also have. And the fig: the fig is divided longitudinally into two halves, broken, then the mouth and mostly the nose are immersed in the moist, reddish, fibrous fruit pulp in order to absorb all of its deliciousness.

In some cultures there are also reports of rituals, where the collective pleasure, the pleasure of the fig, becomes an intoxicating event. Who cares about who? Who tempts whom? Is not man himself the greatest fig slave? When we see what the fig has done with its strategy based on cunning, deceit and sex in the short time since the start in Yemen, on the Arabian Peninsula, then we can actually sigh and fully anticipate only the obvious for the next fresh, ripe fig: the fig is on its way to dominating the world!

Markus Kobelt


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