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Three times paradise!

We are often asked why we use our brand name for our self-bred apple varieties (Lubera Paradis®) to claim paradise for ourselves. Perhaps we are a little over zealous! . This already goes a bit far, and perhaps the comparison with the quality of our Lubera apple varieties is also a little bit high. ;) However, paradise and the concept of the Paradis apples are much closer to our apple varieties than one might think...

The ambiguous paradise

The term paradise has at least an ambiguous reputation: it is the place of absolute and undisturbed well-being and at the same time the place where all the earthly troubles begin. Gladly, I admit that with the Lubera Paradis® apple I am thinking of the first place, so to say, paradise before the apple…and yet also the carefree grasp of the apple. Also the enjoyment and the joy of biting lustfully into the fruits of the garden.

But when I think of the long breeding years, for which it takes far more than 10 years for just one variety, then the comparison with paradise is allowed, after the apple has been grasped, after the sin: without almost lifelong effort there would also be no new varieties...and believe me, testing, tasting and eating thousands and thousands of apples is quite a lot of work...

The garden IS the (apple) paradise

We know paradise from the Christian tradition and, of course, from the tradition of other religions. That is, we really do not actually know it. ;-) The word "paradise" is much older and has Persian roots long before Christianity: and there it means nothing but a walled home garden with fruit trees! The orchard itself was always the paradise and it still is! For this reason, we have been breeding new, resistant and fruitful apple varieties for a quarter of a century. And that's exactly why we call our apple varieties Lubera Paradis® apples.

And a third paradise: the apple rootstock Paradis jaune de Metz

Paradise as a blessing and a curse has accompanied the apple through its long cultural history, which has mostly been positive, and  it has even been called an almost magical fruit. So it is not surprising that in the long history of apples previous apples were named after paradise. A well-known example of this is Paradis jaune de Metz, the yellow Paradis apple from Metz, which is nothing else but today's rootstock M9, onto which almost all our apple trees are grafted. So again, here is a third reason why we have named our apple trees Lubera Paradis apple trees...


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