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Tips for Christmas trees planted in pots


Compact growing potted conifers

Such compact potted conifers have something to offer all year round: in the winter, the rare colour of green; in the spring, the new, fine, mostly light green shoots. In the summer, the lush green is a feast for the eyes, which does not give up even in autumn, but defies brave and indestructible wind and weather. And then, just before Christmas, you can take the plant into your cosy home and decorate it.

Picea orientalis 'Aurea Compacta', the compact oriental spruce has very soft needles, so you can decorate the tree without getting poked by the sharp needles, which is ideal if you have small children. The golden budding is beautiful in the spring; in the summer, the needles are increasingly green, but never completely lose their golden shimmer. After 10 years, you have a little tree, which still fits easily into the living room with a height of 1.5 m.

Picea glauca 'Conica Perfecta' is only 2 metres high after 10 years. This plant grows very densely, so it can be hard to decorate, but with this beautiful growth form, there is not much jewellery needed! The Zuckerhutfichte (Sugar Loaf Spruce) grows into a beautiful conical shape, like a giant pine cone. To decorate it, use a string of lights, tinsel or a red ribbon, it is very nice in a pot or in the garden.

By far the most important piece of advice for Christmas trees and conifers in pots is this: keep the potted Christmas trees only for a short time in their warm environment. Ideally, the trees are brought into the home on Christmas day and only stay there for a few days. After that, and perhaps even before that, the decorated little plants can continue to spread Christmas spirit on the terrace or on the balcony.

The plants need more water in the warm living room than outside, so make sure that enough water is available and at best always refilled. Although most conifers do not like wet locations, they should be soaked regularly in the pot, even in the winter on frost-free days. Conifers evaporate water via the needles in the winter...hence the potted conifers should be positioned in a shady or partially shaded location in the winter in order to minimise evaporation when the pot is frozen through...

Choosing the correct pot size is crucial; in general with conifers the pot should not be too large. Only when the original pot is completely rooted it can be transplanted into a larger pot with 20-30% more volume. Suitable substrate is a stable, neutral or slightly acidic substrate for potted plants, such as our Fertile Soil No. 1.

In the spring, fertilisation with a composite fertiliser acting as a slow release fertiliser, e.g. our Frutilizer Seasonal Fertiliser Plus, is recommended.

When repotting, gently shake out the old root ball and roughen it, making it easier for the plant to root through the new substrate.

And one last tip: do not plant the conifer deeper than it used to be in the old pot. They do not tolerate that very well at all.


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