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Potato plants - the 5 advantages of potato plants in Speedpots


I already see the raised eyebrows: what? Are potatoes now sold in pots? I prefer seed potatoes...
Well, we have nothing against seed potatoes, which we also offer, but these are more suitable for larger garden beds, for field-like cultivation in the garden.

The Speedpots, however, can be bought and planted individually and they are more suitable for a delightful garden rather than for efficient cultivation: one potato here, one there; they are ideal for pots and the potato becomes a plant to enjoy and experience...

But one thing after another. Here are the five benefits of Speedpot plants:

1. Less is more: you can easily plant only one or a few potatoes of a variety; one plant is enough for a rich family meal; you don’t have to plant fields of potatoes.

2. Speed is king: of course, Speedpot plants are faster growing. Part of the cultivation time has already been taken care of at the time of planting. And after 5 to 10 weeks, depending on the variety, the potatoes can already be harvested. The potato, planted in a Speedpot, is fast food before the invention of the name. Only that we offer potatoes in many variants, not just standardised, pale yellow, salty strips...

3. The earliest harvest – without the danger of frost. If you plant potatoes very early, you always have to pay attention to the frosts, which can quickly kill the sprouting leaves and shoots. Thanks to Speedpot plants you can plant later, in May, after the Frost Saints and still enjoy your first own potatoes very early, i.e. in early summer.

4. More variety, more diversity: with Speedpots, you can plant a potato bed, which consists of nothing but specialities, comprised of many different varieties. You do not have to buy at least 10 tubers of a variety, which is the case with seed potatoes. Incidentally, this should also be a hallmark of the new way to grow potatoes in the garden: more diversity. The descendants of the Incas in the Andes still cultivate 15-30 varieties on one field today, which is a bit chaotic to sort at harvest. This makes the cultivation more reliable (less monoculture character), the harvest more exciting (what comes next?) and the enjoyment and the variety on the menu plan greater.

5. Late cultivation: we will try to offer Speedpots again in late July. At that time, seed potatoes are no longer available. But thanks to the Speedpots, potatoes can be cultivated late and then harvested fresh during the autumn months. The potato is becoming an annual crop, which offers horticultural and culinary surprises again and again.


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