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Free delivery for orders with fruit trees or berries. Anything else, flat £4.95.
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Spring is on its way - and it’s time for us to start delivering again!


If there is one thing that you can’t stop, it’s time. Spring is sure to come; at least it always has in the past!

And above all, our customers have a tingling feeling in their fingertips because they have not been able to immerse their hands in warm soil for such a long time and caress fresh green plants. Our gardening cash registers are emptying at a breath-taking speed, so we are not only looking forward to spring from our hearts, but also for pecuniary reasons. ;-)

However, quite frankly, many a professional gardener would like to have a longer winter for personal reasons: the difference between the quiet and organised winter rhythm and the breathless rush of spring is much too large for some!

We at Lubera work just like our customers: spring gives us wings and unimaginable magical powers. We can do things in our nursery and you can do things in your garden in a short time that none of us would have previously thought possible and achievable.

Shipping starts this coming week

Starting this coming Monday, we will be dispatching your orders again. But you have to be patient for the next 10 days, as we first have to conquer the mountain of orders that came in from the shipping break during the winter; then the current orders will be shipped out. Even perennial friends have to be patient: our dear perennial gardeners, who otherwise efficiently produce perennials in the Allgäu region and in Northern Germany, have not yet fully awakened (see above) and if the winter comes again in some regions (with minus temperatures during the day), then we will have to interrupt the shipping.



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