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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.
The different forms of fruit trees in the Lubera shop

In the Lubera shop you will find all sorts of different fruit trees with different tree forms and plant qualities. It can be confusing buying fruit trees, the same variety can be offered in different variants, and to make matters worse, these variants are also called and handled differently by different plant producers and suppliers. So the question is: what fruit tree varieties are there at Lubera, what do they look like, what qualities do they have and what are they most suitable for?


1. You shall not prune roses! The early cutting of roses in the autumn months is really a crime against this wonderful plant: one removes reserve substances which the rose could still need. And one prevents the last leaves from continuing to assimilate and create more reserves.

2. You shall not cut back autumn raspberries! The early cutting of autumn raspberries is related to the first sin. The harvest is coming to an end and the gardener already has nothing else to think about other than…work. He/she cuts the autumn raspberries like crazy and removes not only the reserve substances, but also beneficial insects, which could do a good job in the spring for the newly growing canes. In addition, another shelter and retreat is taken from the animals and insects in the garden.

What Can Go Wrong With Raspberries?

A customer asked what he had done that was so wrong with his raspberries to make them die five weeks after he had planted them. This was our answer, with a wink: almost everything! The customer took it with good humour, especially, of course, because we sent him some more raspberry plants a second time for free.

Here is what you cannot do with raspberries:

  Citrus Plants: the Right Care for Rich-Bearing Crops

Citrus plants are not hardy and therefore must be protected from frost during the winter months. So it depends on the winter and the summer location whether the citrus grows, blossoms and fruits. An unsuccessful overwintering regularly affects the growth in the spring and summer. Then the disappointment is great when the harvest is poor or fails completely.

The 3 most important tips for training and pruning pear trees

Restrain the centre

Pear trees naturally have the urge to grow strongly and quickly upwards. If they have the choice, they encourage the upper shoots (controlled by the hormones in the shoot tips) far stronger than the shoots below. If you want to raise a small garden tree, you have to counteract this tendency, the so-called apical dominance, in order to maintain growth and fruits also in the lower area and not let the tree grow towards the sky. The most important measure is to reduce the central leader again every year, especially in the first 3-4 years, in order to give the lower side branches more possibilities for development.


Of course, we want you to plant berries in autumn, even in late autumn. And of course, we are also a little selfish: we are delightful and happy, if we can still make some sales; the dry season of winter until the spring is long enough for tree nurseries and other plant producers. But, of course, we also know that no one will order berries in October and November just to sweeten the winter. ;-) So we will help you see the benefits of planting berries in autumn; and you will want to have the potential risks under control.

Blackcurrant: A Very Egg-traordinary Method Of Planting!

Lesya's grandmother often talks about mysterious things. Did the only grandchild really see that eggs were placed into the planting hole in order to promote growth? Were there three eggs? Or maybe only two?

First of all, of course, the ashes are convincing. They give a plant pretty much everything it needs: phosphorus, potassium, calcium and even magnesium. But the whole eggs are making me wonder. How are the eggs crushed mechanically in the ground so that the interesting contents (especially calcium) are released?


For several years we have been advising to plant fruit trees bareroot and without leaves in autumn starting on 1 October. Here is what this means concretely: the rootball should be shaken out and the remaining autumn leaves should be stripped. Of course, this advice contradicts the intuition, the feeling that the buyer and hobby gardener get that they have to destroy something which they have just purchased. Here below, Markus will answer the most common questions that are asked about this topic.


How figs bear more fruits faster

How figs bear more fruits faster

Let’s begin this article about figs in Northern Germany. Specifically in Bad Zwischenahn, at our nursery in Ammerland. One year ago now, I put a fence around my own private terrace, in the old garden of our predecessor, (yes, f-e-n-c-e-d it!) with three metre walls consisting of rhododendrons. It is actually a small, walled garden! And this brings me to other Nordic comparison: actually my terrace is a kind of roofed wicker beach chair, which protects its occupants from the adverse weather conditions in Northern Germany. And if it gets really bad (and it was in this "summer" several times), an umbrella can additionally be put up... no, not for the sun! It is to be noted when the former resident Eva used the sunshade: against the wet and cold evening air that swoops on top of us. Physically, I had indeed always thought it was the ascending and vanishing warm air, but in the matter itself, I must say that Eva was more than right.


Everything in pots: what one needs to know!

Everything in pots: what one needs to know!

The larger the container, the less stress for the gardener and for the plant. Or do you want to water twice a day during the summer? In any case, a container cannot be too big…if you want to know more, here are recommended rules of thumb: a berry plant can stand in a 5 litre pot for one year, but actually, medium-term or long-term cultivation is only possible starting from 10 litres. The bigger and taller the plant is, the larger the pot should be: a large plant not only evaporates more water, but it is also physically unstable if a larger pot does not provide the corresponding contact with the ground. Here’s another rule of thumb: per 50 cm of height, one should calculate a pot volume of at least 10 litres.


Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, with their exorbitant nutritional values, can be stored more easily than any other root crop. Prior to storage and after harvesting, a so-called "curing" must take place; this is a hardening process, which strengthens the outer skin of the tubers and permits storage at relatively high temperatures.




You for sure realise that we refer to other nurseries only rarely ;-) And here we just have to make an exception: the nursery Stark Bro’s is celebrating their 200th birthday in 2016. Happy Birthday!

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