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Sometimes as a small, naive hobby gardener I do not understand this big, dazzling celebrity world of apples! Recently on YouTube I watched a new television report about apples and was amazed again, as always, that the apple is in the centre of media interest.

There's a new mini apple being launched: it is called Rocket and it is originally from New Zealand; it will be marketed with four mini apples in a round, plastic packaging and they will cost four times as much per kilogram than normal-sized apples! What? I already have a mini snack apple in my garden, Redlove Lollipop; it is super sweet and delicious, and – apart from buying the tree – snacking on the apples does not cost me a cent. This makes the gardener’s and consumer’s heart happy twice.
And what about the new lifestyle apple called Kissabel? A club variety, which has been presented at a trade fair, according to the television report, and will soon be available in the supermarket for a lot of money. I also already have had something like that for a long time: Redlove Circe, Odysso, Calypso and Lollipop, which kiss my taste buds a hundredfold every autumn when I bite into the fruits and they are also free.

By the way, the very interesting report "The true price for the perfect apple" states that club apples are much more expensive than the traditional supermarket varieties and their market share is constantly increasing. Appearance and marketing seem to work on apples as well as on human prominence.

The old varieties were also highlighted in this report as well as in all other apple reports on the internet. Supermarket apples are critically evaluated, while the old varieties are highly praised. Dear TV people, have you all not yet heard of the golden middle, of the varieties that are new, but taste just as good as the old varieties (often even better, I think) and they are resistant at the same time and can be grown without chemicals? These are the varieties that would have to be grown professionally, says the naive gardener and writer here, and they would also have to be found in every supermarket. But the trade always says that the consumer only wants the perfect Braeburn, Elstar, Gala apples, etc. Who did you ask? Certainly not me. Or were you asked, dear fellow gardeners? Anyway, I'd like to see Redloves in the supermarket, Biondas, Malinis and Paradis varieties.

But what does an insignificant, ignorant hobby gardener like me know? I continue to plant and harvest my healthy Lubera apple trees that are far from the shiny, highly polished apple celebrity club varieties, which are only as beautiful and delicate as the human celebrities. Let them all be admired on the catwalks of this world for their looks. I will just go into my small, quiet and not at all gorgeous garden and eat delicious apples that grow just as God and Lubera have planned and they are not only healthy but also FREE.

Ranka Tessin


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