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Columnar Blue Spruce, Colorado Spruce 'Iseli Fastigiata'

Picea pungens 'Iseli Fastigiata' - The steel-blue columnar conifer

Columnar Blue Spruce, Colorado Spruce 'Iseli Fastigiata'


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Product information "Columnar Blue Spruce, Colorado Spruce 'Iseli Fastigiata'"

Even with conifers, columnar forms are in demand that develop into architectural eye-catchers in gardens. Picea pungens 'Iseli fastigiata' is such a form, but over the years it can reach fairly large dimensions: up to 6 m high and 2-3 m wide. At an older age, the steeply growing side branches fall apart a little, so that the columnar form is then somewhat of a pyramidal shape.

Iseli fastigiata distinguishes itself by its intense colour, which is mainly characterised by the new growth’s needles. It is typical of this variety that the new needles on the shoot tips are significantly shorter than the needles on the base of the shoots. The Columnar Blue Spruce loves rather cool climates, but tolerates warmer growing conditions better than other Picea pungens cultivars. Picea pungens 'Iseli fastigiata' are known to be more drought tolerant than the species and also hungry game seem to have little interest in this variety.

The name 'Iseli fastigiata' still needs one explanation: the brothers Jean and André Iseli established a nursery in Boring, Oregon in the 70s of the 20th century that specialises almost exclusively in conifers and maple trees and it still has a large national and international reputation today. Especially Jean Iseli has literally electrified the conifer world and discovered dozens of new varieties and/or placed them on the market in the 70s and 80s. He relied heavily on his staff, who he taught to always pay attention to sports in the hundreds of thousands of plants at the nursery; he taught them to look for changes in the shoots and then to inform him so that they could be tested and later reproduced. In addition, before he unfortunately died early in 1986, Jean Iseli also initiated large breeding programmes from which new varieties are still developed to this day. By the way, the focus for Jean Iseli and his successors is primarily on shape and colour, on conifers with compact or otherwise extraneous growth and with special, eye-catching colours. So here we are once again at Picea pungens 'Iseli fastigiata': compact, columnar and steel blue.
Suitable as a potted Christmas tree

Well, of course, 'Iseli fastigiata' can also be used as a Christmas tree and the slow-growing, compact form can be used as a potted tree for multiple years. However, the columnar habit with its upward side shoots is not ideal as a Christmas tree because it does not make traditional decorating efforts easy. In my opinion, you should also have at least one option of placing real, classic candles on any Christmas tree, which is hardly possible here. Picea pungens 'Iseli fastigiata' belongs in the garden, possibly in a park. In a pot as a Christmas tree, the Columnar Blue Spruce is rather out of place.
  • Final height 5m to 7.5m
  • Final width 2m to 3m
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Use outdoors, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil neutral
  • Location full sun
  • Leaf Colour blue

Customer comments "Columnar Blue Spruce, Colorado Spruce 'Iseli Fastigiata'"

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