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Flat delivery fee £4.95, for all plants (excepted areas see here).
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Lubera Buchs, Switzerland

Lubera is first and foremost a Swiss company. We have grown here, we grow most of our plants here and we breed new fruit and berry plants here in the St. Gallen Rhine valley, which is surrounded by the Alps. And maybe the sustainable and long-term thinking, which is required for breeding, got its source from the quite healthy slowness and stability which are not only typical Swiss characteristics but also prerequisites for successful breeding.

The company from the bridge

The company in Buchs towards the south with very good weather in February

The company in Buchs showing the container fields with a netting construction for hail and the Kreuzberg mountains in the background

We have extensive container growing areas with automated irrigation systems in Buchs. This is also where our breeding activities are concentrated and where our marketing is controlled. In addition, Lubera’s marketing always take place where I am with my camera...and I travel a lot ;-)