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How Lubera originated

Lubera is young – and yet has roots.

Already in 1889 my great-grandfather, Burkhard Gasenzer, put his first ad in the newspaper, in which he promoted his fruit trees. The cultivation of fruit trees has been maintained on the Gasenzer family farm in Buchs for more than three generations. In 1993, I founded the Rhine Nurseries together with my aunt Anni Grässli-Gasenzer, which revived and continued this tradition.


Our fruits, berries, and roses should make gardening easy and pleasurable, and therefore we were looking for a catchy brand name. Incidentally, during a train journey to Germany, I suddenly and uncontrollably had the German words “lustvoll” (pleasurable) and “Beeren” (berries) in my head at the same time: The Lubera® brand was born. From year to year, this brand is now filled with content from our work, thanks to our catalogue and our websites, and especially our customers. For the UK, we have a suitable slogan: Lubera® – fruitful gardening.

Markus Kobelt, founder and breeder of Lubera