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Free delivery for orders with fruit trees or berries. Anything else, flat £4.95.
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Garden Deal: A gardener's pharmacy of fertilisers

Six fertilisers: 4x fast-acting; 2x long-term

£59.90 *

Garden Deal: A Rhubarb Quartet

An assortment of fruity-fresh rhubarb in 4 varieties

£46.40 *

Garden Deal: Apple duo in red and blonde

Two apple varieties: apple Paradis® Werdenberg® and apple Bionda® Bella

£55.90 *

Garden Deal: Blueberry set of 4 varieties

Four blueberry varieties: Bluesbrothers, Rubel, Blautropf®, Blue Dessert®

£68.90 *

Garden Deal: Sweet Parfum Strawberries

24 Parfum Strawberries: 6x Fraisonette®; 6x Fraisibelle®; 6x Freejumper®; 6x Freeclimber®

£61.40 *

Garden Deal: The sea buckthorn trio

The almost forgotten source of vitamins Sea buckthorn...

04Days 22Hours 35Minutes 24Seconds
Instead of: £51.90 *
£36.40 *
You Save 29,87%

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