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Garden Deal: A winter bundle of raspberries

6 x Primeberry® Autumn First®, 6 x Twotimer® Sugana®, 6 x Lubera® Sanibelle (S)

Garden Deal: A winter bundle of raspberries
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This product will be released at 1 February 2018


Product information "Garden Deal: A winter bundle of raspberries"

For the perfect start to the 2018 season...
No one passes up good raspberries. And especially not this 30% discount! This winter offer is something special: take advantage of this Deal and order now; then at the end of the winter, i.e. late February, early March (depending on the weather), your pre-ordered plants will automatically be delivered to your home. The raspberries can start to grow right away and you can still enjoy the first fruits in 2018!

This offer is valid until the end of winter. Of course, it is limited by our stock of plants, so pre-ordering is recommended.
This outstanding raspberry mix includes the following varieties:
6 x summer raspberry Lubera® Sanibelle (S)
6 x autumn raspberry Primeberry® Autumn First®
6 x twice-bearing raspberry Twotimer® Sugana®
Product descriptions:

Raspberry Lubera® Sanibelle(S)
Maturity: Medium late to late, with only a short gap it is one of the earliest autumn raspberries
Fruits: Large, very uniformly shaped, conical fruit; firm, medium to dark red, good flavour
Growth: Medium strong to strong growth
Health: The first good Phytophthora resistant variety, also suitable for mediocre locations
Raspberry Primeberry® Autumn First®
Cultivation: Bears fruit on this year’s canes; all canes should be cut back to the ground in February/March of the following year
Maturity: Very early, from early August to late September
Fruits: Large, very uniform, conical fruits that are light in colour, excellent in taste, a significant improvement of Autumn Bliss
Growth: Very stable, upright, can be grown without a framework
Health: Robust, healthy, resistant to cane diseases, no worms
Raspberry Twotimer® Sugana®
The versatile raspberry variety; bear fruit twice: once on the one-year-old cane from August to October and once on the two-year-old canes in June; very large, conical, bright red fruit!
The plants also have very upright, stable growth and good resistance to Phytophthora.

Cultivation: The first real Twotimer raspberry with two harvests to the one-year-old and two-year-old canes
Maturity: 1-year-old canes: 2nd week of Aug-Oct; 2-year-old canes: start of June
Fruits: Very large, conical, bright red, very firm, easy to pick
Growth: Very upright, few side shoots, easy to grow, little effort for tying
Health: Very robust
  • Available February, March

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