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Garden Deal: Blueberries at half price

Garden Deal: Blueberries at half price
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This product will be released at 1 March 2020


Product information "Garden Deal: Blueberries at half price"

In our current Garden Deal you can buy four exquisite blueberry varieties at a discount of 50%! Each of these four varieties is different; pink berries, blue, drop-shaped berries and red flowers, blue berries and yellow leaves and our super compact blueberry is also included! Harvest your own blueberries instead of buying them at the store. Blueberries are vitamin bombs and their incredibly beautiful ornamental value is definitely worth offering these useful plants a nice spot in your garden. Blueberries also give bees, and especially bumble bees, great joy. And the highlight of these plants follows in autumn with a colouring of the leaves that you have rarely seen.
This Deal includes the following plants (each in a 5 litre pot):
  • Blueberry Lowberry® 'Little Blue Wonder'®: 'Little Blue Wonder' is super compact and grows to only about 40-60 cm in height. Our smallest blueberry blooms in May and you can harvest the first sky blue berries as early as the beginning of August. 'Little Blue Wonder' is deciduous.
  • Blueberry 'Blautropf'®: this sensational blueberry has very beautiful, light red, bell-shaped flowers and berries that look like drops. The flowers can be admired from May onwards. 'Blautropf' is very compact with a height of 40-60 cm. The berries are ripe in mid-August and continue to ripen until autumn. 'Blautropf' is semi-evergreen.
  • Blueberry 'Yelloberry Blue'®: the first blueberry with yellow leaves that will create a fantastic contrast in your garden. It ripens in mid-July and has medium-sized fruits that taste intensely sweet and have little acidity.
  • Blueberry Pinkberry® 'Pink Lemonade'®: a new colour and a new garden experience! Pink Lemonade' will delight your eyes and palate. The fruits are first light green and then deep pink; when ripe they have a firm, pleasant texture and are sweet to very sweet. The plant grows very upright and bushy and is (almost) evergreen. From August to mid-September you can harvest pink berries!
All plants are hardy and suitable for growing in pots.
This Deal is valid as long as the supply lasts.
Our tip: blueberries need acidic soil, they need bog soil, and for this we can recommend our Fruitful Soil No. 3. If you don't want to build a bog bed yourself, Markus Kobelt shows you in the video "The easiest way to build an artificial bog garden" how to create the simplest bog bed in the world!
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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