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Garden Deal: The Winter Deal Featuring Berries

4 strong plants, each in a 5 L container

Garden Deal: The Winter Deal Featuring Berries
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This product will be released at 1 March 2019


Product information "Garden Deal: The Winter Deal Featuring Berries"

This is the perfect start to the 2019 berry season...

Take advantage of our winter deal and its incredible 50% discount!

Place an order now and at the end of winter, meaning at the end of February/beginning of March (depending on the weather), you will automatically receive your pre-ordered plants delivered to your home. These berry bushes can then start growing immediately and you will be able to enjoy the first fruits in 2019!
This offer is valid from now until the end of the winter. Of course it is limited by our stock of plants, so it is best to pre-order now. Profit from this excellent mix of berries available now at a 50% discount!
This Deal includes the following plants:
  • Gooseberry Crispa® Solemio® - our juicy, sweet taste explosion! Solemio® matures moderately early from the start of July to mid-July; it has bushy, upright growth and a very high, regular yield. The fruits are crisp, juicy, sweet, very large, elongated, oval-shaped, warm yellow to mustard-yellow coloured and hairless. Gooseberries are very healthy and have important contents such as vitamin C, silicic acid, potassium, magnesium, pectin, fructose and fruit acids! Solemio® is also highly tolerant to mildew!
  • Red currant Ribest® Lisette® - with large, compact strings! Lisette® ripens in early/mid-July and continues to grow during the summer months. Lisette® has superior health and spoils you with very high, regular yields and there is no early dropping of the fruit. It grows extremely healthy until well into the summer and keeps its leaves the longest. The berries are very large (the largest of all our varieties) and they grow on compact strings. This currant is a robust and healthy feast for the eyes!
  • Moreberry® Pointilla – yellow AND red Eleagnus umbellata! The Pointilla® Sweet’n’sour® und Fortunella® are planted together in one pot: Pointilla® Sweet’n’sour® has beautiful, coral red berries that are covered with white dots. The berries mature from mid-October to early November and offer probably the best yield of all the varieties. Up to approx. 4 kg is possible already in the 1st year! The flavour is exactly what the name describes. The aftertaste is slightly astringent, however it is not bothersome. It makes you want to eat more! Pointilla® Sweet’n’sour® has a compact, finely branched habit and can reach a height of up to 3 m. It is not a problem to limit the height in the garden to 2 m. Pointilla® Fortunella® has beautiful, amber yellow coloured berries with white dots. The berries are ripe from mid-October to early November and yield approx. 3-4 kg berries already in the 1st year! With regard to the taste it offers lots of sweetness and lots of sourness, a slightly more rounded flavour and when fully ripe there is absolutely no astringency. Fortunella® can grow up to 3-4 m high; however the height can be limited in the garden to 2.5 m.
  • Cassissima® Black Marble® - perhaps the largest black currant worldwide! Large, larger, Black Marble®! Get excited about the black, absolutely plump berries on short strings. The berries can reach a diameter of up to 1.5 cm. Black Marble® is very early, maturing from the middle to the end of June. The berries have a mild, sweet, juicy, round and fruity flavour with jelly-like flesh and (almost) no noticeable seeds. It is a very unique eating experience! This cassis variety is very healthy, resistant to mildew and has little or no leaf loss. The plant grows between 100 and 120 cm wide and reaches a height between 140 and 180 cm.
Order these four different berry bushes with the madness-discount of 50% and you will be able to enjoy fruity, vitamin-rich and healthy berries already in the coming summer/autumn – of course from your own garden! By the way: these four berry species can also be grown wonderfully easily in pots where they will also decorate your terrace or balcony.

Our tip: our Frutilizer® Compound Fertiliser Plus optimally supplies these shrub berries with nutrients.
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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