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Garden Deal: Berry Standards

1 x Cassissima® Standard Noiroma®, 1 x Currant Standard Ribest® Blanchette® and 1 x Fourberry® Standard Black Saphir®

Garden Deal: Berry Standards
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Instead of: £51.40 £30.84
You save 40.00%


Article number: 2194285

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Product information "Garden Deal: Berry Standards"

Three berry standards with a 40% discount

We have radically reduced three selected berry standards this week! Get 40% off of this bundle!

Berry standards offer many advantages:
  • The harvesting and pruning can be done at eye level
  • Healthier plants and higher yields thanks to better drying
  • Economical use of your precious garden space
  • A variety of shapes in the garden
And underneath them, all of our fruit friends and strawberries have plenty of room to grow.

There is always enough space for berry standards: they can be placed in vegetable beds, in perennial beds, in a rosary or in pots on terraces and balconies.
This Deal includes the following three plants, each in a 5 litre pot: 
TIP: The very best planting time for standards is NOW, so that the plants have enough time to grow strong roots in the soil, thus allowing them to be well rooted in the springtime.

This Deal is a 40% discount and is valid as long as the supply lasts – and only for this one week!
Be clever and prepare for next year’s harvest now.


A more detailed description of the varieties can be found by clicking on the individual varieties.
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

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