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Gardening tools – now available in the Lubera Christmas-Shop


When caring for plants, good, quality and appropriate tools and equipment are important. This is true for professionals as well as for hobby gardeners. Unfortunately, the right tool is often times missing at exactly that time when it is needed. Does the soil have the right pH? Is the nutrient concentration correct and has it rained enough or should I water my plants? And how do I keep my plants healthy during the winter? The answers to such questions can be found in the Lubera Christmas-Shop.

The best thing to do now, during the quiet gardening months, is to prepare for such situations. Especially as a gift for gardening friends or plant enthusiasts, these gardening tools are extremely popular and they are guaranteed to be a hit.


Our frost protection covers and the LED overwintering lamps are ideal aids to make it more pleasant for plants during the dark, cold season. The frost protection covers create a more sheltered microclimate for more sensitive plants in the garden. The overwintering lamps support evergreen plants that are not frost hardy in their winter quarters with urgently needed light that has specially adapted wavelengths. They are perfect for potted plants that have sat on the terrace or in the garden during the summer.

A maximum-minimum thermometer reliably indicates the last warmest and coldest temperature. This makes it easy to monitor when the nights are getting too cold or whether a cold greenhouse should be ventilated.

The substrate or soil is hugely important to the plant in every season. Our rain gauge will tell you if sufficient precipitation has fallen – this is very suitable for gardeners who enjoy not having to water sometimes. The fertiliser meter helps to measure the right amount of fertiliser so the plants do not starve and suffer salt damage!

With the garden combi tester you can check the pH of the soil, the soil moisture and the incidence of light, all at the same time. This tester is already the secret weapon among the garden Christmas gifts because three important environmental conditions can be measured just by using one device.


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