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Free delivery for orders with fruit trees or berries. Anything else, flat £4.95.
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Ground covering Strawberries

Bundle with 36 Strawberries Alexandria

For a flower bed with everbearing strawberries

£38.90 *

Strawberry Alexandria 6-Pack

Wild strawberry, also for balconies

From £7.40 *

Strawberry Parfum Freeclimber®

The aromatic climbing strawberry

£2.70 *

Strawberry Parfum Freejumper®

The aromatic hanging basket/ground cover strawberry

£2.70 *

Strawberry Parfum June-bearing Strawberry Meadow® 6-Pack

Hearty, good strawberries with groundcover qualities

From £9.40 *

Strawberry SchweizerRot®

Ornamental & fruit strawberry

£2.70 *


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