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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.



What is Lubera? Where is Lubera located?
We are a nursery in Switzerland that specialises in fruit and berry plants. Our main location is in Buchs, in the Rhine valley, surrounded by the Alps. For 3 years, we have been expanding a second location in Northern Germany, near Bremen. In addition to producing about 1.5 million plants per year, we intensively breed new varieties of fruit, berries, roses and flowering shrubs.

You can read more information about us here.

What does the name “Lubera” mean?
Our company’s name is a fantasy name that doesn’t actually mean anything, though through our work and our new plant varieties we have made the name Lubera into a brand filled with content. Here’s the story on how the name originated: Our founder, Markus Kobelt, was looking for a good name for his nursery, and on a long train ride from Switzerland to Essen, Germany (for the IPM trade fair for plants) he had the German words “lustvoll” (pleasurable) and “Beeren” (berries) in his head at the same time. Voilà, our company then had a name! Only later did Markus learn that Lubera is also a family name in Poland and in the United States, a well-known wedding photographer is named Lubera...

How does Lubera differ from other online plant providers?
First of all, unlike most other plant providers we are proud producers and growers. We know our business and our plants; we are gardeners, and not just a supplier.

Secondly, we are also breeders. In our breeding programmes, we create varieties of fruit, berries, roses and flowering shrubs that are easier to cultivate, taste better, look nicer and are more resistant. Each year we introduce 3-8 new varieties to the market.

And thirdly, we sell large plants. We do not sell small plants because they fit better in a package, but rather the same sized plants that are found in good and very good garden centres. Thus, for example, our currants, gooseberries and blueberries are available in 5 L pots, which mean that they are already three years old and will now immediately bear fruit.

How do our bigger plants benefit you? You will save valuable gardening time, you can enjoy the harvests faster, the plants do not take as long to develop fully and they will bear fruit.

Where do the plants come from when I order from Lubera?
We ship the ordered plants for the UK from our nursery in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany, near Bremen. From here, the transport to the UK is much shorter! Most plants were originally produced in Switzerland and some also come from our nursery in Bad Zwischenahn. We produce all fruit and berry plants, all the flowering shrubs and all the roses ourselves. We buy all the remaining plants from the best nurseries.

How and how fast will I receive the plants after I place my order?
Well, you can choose the delivery week and it is also easily possible to order for a future week, e.g. if the weather cannot be trusted, or if you will be on holidays. However, if you do not specify anything specific, then we will deliver your plants at the earliest possible delivery date. The total process, from the time you order until the delivery, usually takes 5-10 days. Once your order is prepared for transport, you will be informed by email, which also includes the projected date of delivery. You will receive another email with a tracking code, if the package has been shipped through DPD.

How do I receive the plants? Do I have to be home?
Do I have to be at home when the plants arrive? We get asked this question very often. Our answer: No, you do not need to be home! Exactly for this reason we deliver our plants and garden items without a signature. This means that if you are not at home, the package will still be delivered to you. Indeed, there is nothing more annoying for customers to have to track down non-delivered packages. Our experience from hundreds of thousands of shipments shows that plants do not get stolen. Nevertheless, should a package get lost and cannot be delivered, it will be replaced without complaint by us.

What do I do with the plants once they arrive?
As mentioned, you will receive the plants within 48-72 hours after you ordered them. In 3-5 % of the cases, the delivery can sometimes take up to four days. Even during the growing season, our plants can survive this time frame and will stay green. We package the root ball in plastic so that the moisture can be maintained.

But of course you should unpack the plants as soon as possible in order to control the number and quality. If you come across any problems, take a picture immediately and contact our customer service:

Tel.: 0845 527 16 58

Please remember: The plants have not seen sunlight for more than 50 hours and they have to get used to the light again. It is best to give them some water and place them in a shady location. They will already look completely fresh again after 2-4 hours! (This precaution is of course not necessary outside of the growing season, i.e. from October to December and from March to April).

When will the plants arrive and how will I be informed about the transport?
We get asked this question a lot. Here’s our answer: Of course it is best if you or a family member is at home. Yes, you will receive an email message once the shipment has been handed over to DPD; this will allow you to track your shipment as to see when the plants will be delivered to you. If you won’t be home, it’s not the end of the world. The driver will try to leave the plants at a neighbor’s house (it’s always good to inform them in advance) or in the worst case, you will receive a notification of the delivery attempt and can then arrange a new delivery attempt with DPD.

How much does the delivery cost?
The shipment (regardless of how many plants and how many packages) costs exactly £ 4.99.

Are your plants suitable for our climate, for the climate in the entire UK?
Here’s a counter question: Do you know of a country in Europe that can accommodate such a wide range of plants like England and the UK? Seriously - due to their Swiss origin, our plants are “over-qualified” for the English climate, as they are much hardier than is necessary for the UK. In our nursery in Buchs, we have temperatures down to -16°C almost every winter. Interestingly, however, the two locations in Switzerland and the UK are also similar: The vegetation time and harvest times are quite comparable. In Switzerland, we have an indeed shorter, but more intensive growing season; spring starts later in a “normal” year, but we have higher temperatures in the summer and sometimes a little less rain than in the UK. In Buchs, we have about 1300-1500 mm of rainfall per year, which isn’t that bad. In the UK, the growing season is longer, the temperatures are lower, there is less light, but the days are longer. All that together are the reasons that the result, the harvest times, are actually pretty comparable. And yes, we are taking about the “normal'” years when the weather is not going crazy!

This comparability is mainly for the south of England to the Midlands. In Northern England and in Scotland, the time of ripeness will be much later; the maturing and flowering times here are expected about 2-4 weeks later, depending on the location.

How are the plants packaged?
We have developed our own packaging system: We do not fit the plant to the package (and there are many mail-order companies that then only ship small plants). Our packaging fits the plant. With the new packaging system, which was introduced a year ago at Lubera, we have reduced the shipping damage to nearly zero. Detailed information can be found here.

What do I do if a plant is damaged at the time of delivery?
It's simple: Immediately take a picture of the damage and send the photo to our customer service:

Tel.: 0845 527 16 58

Our customer service will deal with your complaint by sending you a voucher (for very slight damage), suggesting a reduction in price (with slight damage) or they will simply send the plant again (if the plant is severely damaged).

If I have a question or a complaint, I can write in English and I get an English answer?
Yes, our customer service writes and speaks English. However, it is not (yet) Oxford English, but it is more than enough for successful communication. However, should this be a problem, our translator works behind the scenes and is also happy to assist our customer service representatives.

Do your customer service representatives speak English when I call?
Yes, we have English-speaking customer service representatives. If at one point you have to wait longer for a phone call, then all of our English-speaking customer service representatives are currently busy taking other phone calls. In such a case, please be patient.

Can I place a telephone order?
Yes, that's possible. Prepare yourself well before the telephone conversation; please write down the desired plants and article numbers beforehand. This makes the phone call much easier. Please also remember that you must provide your name, address, telephone number and email address. We can then take your order and the plants will be delivered to you. You will find an invoice in the package. We ask that you transfer the invoice amount within 15 days to the account provided (swift code and IBAN number are specified). Thank you.

Can I also order via email?
This is also perfectly possible. Write your order in an email, making sure that the article numbers of the products are specified (this makes it easier for us). Please write your name and address, your telephone number, email address and the desired delivery date. We will then prepare your order and the plants will be delivered to you. You will find an invoice in the package. We ask that you transfer the invoice amount within 15 days to the account provided (swift code and IBAN number are specified). Thank you.

Is it guaranteed that the plants will actually grow?
Yes, we give a six month guarantee on our plants. You can find additional information on our growth guarantee here.

What payment options do I have in the online shop?
We offer credit card (Visa and Mastercard), Maestro card, Paypal and soon Paypal Express. You can order on account when you place an order with us by telephone or email:

Tel.: 0845 527 16 58

How do I get regular information from Lubera?
We are preparing an English newsletter, which will be published weekly. Every two weeks, an informative newsletter with tips and information will be published later in our blog. In the interim week we send out a newsletter which features an exciting and lucrative offer. Click here to subscribe.

How come some products only have technical descriptions (height, width, colour, ripening time, flowering time, etc.) and for others there are also text descriptions? Where can I get additional information?

Our translator is constantly working on translating the text descriptions for the Lubera products into English. This takes a bit of time because it is important to us that the texts are good! The texts are not only being translated, they are also being added to, making them better and more informative. For the products that have not yet been translated, you will “only” find the technical information (facts), but this also very much describes the plant. If you would still like additional information, please contact our customer service:

Tel.: 0845 527 16 58

Can I buy Lubera plants at garden centres in the UK?
Unfortunately, all too rare at the moment. But it is worth it to ask your favourite garden centre if they carry Lubera plants; we also sell wholesale to nurseries and garden centres in the UK.

We are a garden centre/nursery. Can we also buy Lubera plants?
Yes, this is possible. If you want to shop for a nursery or garden centre, please click here for wholesale information.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint that has not been satisfactorily resolved or if a question has not been sufficiently answered or if I am not making progress with the customer service?
Our founder and CEO Markus Kobelt wants us to make our gardening customers happy. (Of course we tell him again and again that this is a tall order, but he does not show an iota of interest). And he wants to know if this does not happen. Therefore, in such a case, you can send an email directly to Markus Kobelt ( He will make a final decision, justify this decision and then notify you and the customer service.

I want to use a video or a picture from Lubera on my own website or on my blog. Who can I contact to get permission?
Please contact our press office, which is happy to fulfil such requests. We are of course delighted when someone wants to report about us!

I have a specialised question, but I currently do not want to buy any plants. What do I do to get an answer?
We want to help gardeners. Therefore we are setting up a question and answer function under “Advice” where you can ask questions and get answered. The big advantage: You and other gardeners will benefit from the answers that come from either our specialists or other gardening enthusiasts.

Of course you can also contact our customer service with such questions:

You are a Swiss nursery - where do the English texts come from on your homepage? 
As mentioned, we write and speak English. But honestly not as good as the texts that are posted on our website. We work with a professional translator who specialises in horticulture and helps us with our English.