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Flat delivery fee £4.95, for all plants (excepted areas see here).
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Lubera produces

Lubera is first and foremost a production nursery, a tree nursery. We are convinced that a plant business loses its soul when there is no production involved. Real gardeners must have dirt on their hands. Only do they then really know what they are talking about and what they sell. This is the basis.

Accordingly, we have invested heavily in the production in recent years and since 2004, a new and completed production centre in Buchs, Switzerland (Altendorfer Hanfland) has been developed. In addition to our modern, 1500 m² extensive production and commissioning greenhouse, all of our container plants and most of our outdoor young plants are grown here. Our breeding fields are also located in Buchs.


With our production and also our core competencies we remain faithful to our beginnings: We mainly produce fruit, berries and roses plus some additional assortments.

Since 2012, we have acquired a second production site in Germany, in Bad Zwischenahn, near Oldenburg, which is not far from Bremen.