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Lubera UK

No, we do have not (yet) have a business in England. But we are very closely related to the motherland of gardening, and have gained many loyal customers and partners over the past few years. The first Redloves® are currently being grown in England and we maintain a close working relationship with the Research institute East Malling Research.


We support the raspberry breeding at East Malling; we select the best varieties for home gardens and then sell them exclusively throughout Europe. Our founder and breeder Markus Kobelt travels to England about 10 times per year, mostly in order to select raspberries, but sometimes simply even just to “get a sense of” English gardening.

We are very proud that we now have the website, which will be online starting in March 2014, allowing us to be able to deliver directly to the UK. And we hope that through our videos, questions and answers, and more generally, the discussions with our UK customers the contact will get even closer.

Markus Kobelt, founder and breeder of Lubera