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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

K&K Dahlias

K&K Dahlias Lubera

One has tried to domesticate the dahlia, to confine it to a height of 30 cm, to reduce it to a flower shape, to make it an interchangeable pot plant. This is not the case with the K&K dahlias! Check out the assortment in the Lubera Garden Shop.

Hapet® Picadilly Stellar - Ornamental Dahlia

K&K container dahlias – perfect for balconies & terraces

£5.90 *

Hapet® Rosamunde - Ornamental Dahlia

K&K container dahlias – perfect for balconies & terraces

£5.90 *


More information about K&K dahlias


The Austrian breeder Peter Haslhofer does the pure opposite: he cultivates the versatility of the garden dahlia, its shapes, colours and growth types, which can be combined again and again. The result is this: proud, noble dahlias, versatile, but always very stable and robust, pure joys of life, paired with Austrian charm. That is where the name fits: K&K dahlias - the elegant dahlias from Austria.


Dahlias are not hardy


Dahlias are not winter-hardy, but their tubers can be stored and overwintered at approx. +5 degrees Celsius in a frost-free, not too dry and not too humid room.


Our tip: plant dahlias as young plants


Plant the desired dahlias as young plants after the last spring frosts. They develop faster and are flexible and versatile.

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