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Berry standards

Cassissima® Standard Noiroma®

Blackcurrant: Lots of sugar and less of cassis

£21.40 *

Currant Standard Ribest® Blanchette®

White currant: a large-fruited, early variety

From £17.40 *

Currant Standard Ribest® Lisette®

A red currant with large, compact fruit

From £17.40 *

Currant Standard Ribest® Violette®

Red currant: the latest variety, large-fruited variety

£19.40 *

Fourberry® Standard Black Saphir®

The (as of now) latest fourberry

£23.40 *

Gooseberry Standard Easycrisp® Lady Late (thornless)

The latest thornless gooseberry, dark red berries

From £17.40 *

Gooseberry Standard Easycrisp® Lady Sun (thornless)

Thornless yellow gooseberry with soft skin

£21.40 *


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