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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Large blueberry shrubs

Large blueberry plant

At Lubera® we provide large blueberry plants in 15-litre pots, carefully cultivated in our nursery for at least three years.

Luberissima Blueberry Blautropf®

The blueberry with teardrop-shaped berries

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More useful information about Large blueberry shrubs

They differ from our standard plants in 5-litre pots due to the longer cultivation time, the larger plant volume with more and longer branches and finally, of course, the larger pot with a volume of 15 litres. A large blueberry plant in this size pot is perfect if you want to start your blueberry planting right away with finished plants or if you want to cultivate your blueberry bushes in a pot and harvest a large portion of the fruit immediately from the first year. Planting a blueberry bush simply shortens the waiting time until the harvest and leads immediately to a finished blueberry planting.

Large blueberry plants: the wide selection in the Lubera® Garden Shop

We offer a wide range of large blueberry plants in the Lubera® Garden Shop, which includes all important varieties of cultivated blueberries. The assortment starts with the early blueberry variety Duke, includes the aroma varieties of Lubera® Blueroma® and Blue Dessert® and also the late variety Brigitta Blue. Finally, we also offer the special varieties as large blueberry bushes: the yellow-leaved blueberry shrub Yelloberry Blue and also the semi-evergreen and the variety Blautropf® that has beautiful pink flowers in May. We also offer the compact growing blueberry variety Little Blue Wonder® and the bushy growing Bluesbrothers® with the gigantic yield when they are bought as large blueberry plants in 15 L pots. They are naturally lower than the other varieties because they grow more compact, but the large pot and the longer cultivation time also allow them to develop better and thus start the yield much faster. Just browse through this wide range of blueberry bushes and you will certainly find something for your garden or terrace. And again, the most important thing is this: the large blueberry plants will give a significant yield (usually 500 g to 1000 g and more) in the first year because they are older and have a larger plant volume. This is the right solution for impatient gardeners.

Large blueberry plant Blue Dessert Lubera

Planting a large blueberry bush - what are the advantages?

With the blueberry bushes, it is very similar to the currants: more (young and younger) wood means more yield, and on young, two- to four-year-old wood you can harvest the largest and also most aromatic fruits. This very simple basis is the advantage of the large blueberry plants from Lubera®: a larger pot plus more cultivation time results in a larger and more fertile plant, which in turn bears more, better and faster.

When to plant?

A large blueberry plant can always be planted thanks to the cultivation in the spacious 15 L pot. If you plant it in the spring you can enjoy the blossom and the aromatic fruit yield already in the first year. If you plant it in the summer you will soon enjoy the first unbelievably beautiful autumn colouring and if you plant it in autumn you will get the first harvest blessing after a few months.

Planting - the 5 tips for success

All of the rules that apply to normal blueberry plants in 5 L pots must of course also be taken into account when planting the larger bushes:

  • Plant only in acidic soil, bog soil, preferably our Fruitful Soil No. 3.
  • Before planting, cut the root ball open a little so that the roots can grow loose in their new environment.
  • Plant the blueberry bush deep so that the root ball is covered with bog bed soil 5-10 cm in the new location.
  • Fertilise with slow-release fertiliser, adding approx. 60-70 grams of Frutilizer Seasonal Fertiliser Plus to the planting hole.
  • Do not forget to water the newly planted blueberry bush properly.

Planting and continuing to cultivate the shrub in a container

Of course, you can also plant the blueberries again in a larger container. If you have just received the blueberry bush in the 15 L pot, you can continue to cultivate it for another year in this size and in the 15 L pot supplied, but then it urgently needs more space for the second and third year. It is best to pot the blueberry shrub in the next step in a container with a volume of at least 50 L. For planting soil, you should use an acidic bog soil or the Fruitful Soil No. 3 from Lubera®.


Pruning the blueberry bush is inevitable sooner or later, but for now, you can safely do without it for the first two years. You only start pruning the blueberry bush in your bog bed or in your container garden from the 3rd year onwards. Pruning measures are done in the spring, shortly before the bushes start to grow again: first, remove the weak and half or completely withered shoots, but then take pruning shears and consistently cut out the thickest and most woody shoots every year. These shoot have already seen the best days; they are almost certainly older than four years and should now make way for new and more promising shoots on the blueberry bush. By the way: whenever possible, try to remove such old shoots down to a stub of 10-20 cm, a light trimming only at the top of the crown does not help at all...

Blueberry tree - does that even exist?

Do blueberry trees also exist? Occasionally you can see blueberry trees on the market with a trunk of 50-80 cm, and above that a small crown. You can easily grow such a blueberry tree yourself by removing all of the basal shoots and leaving only one, the strongest, straightest and most beautifully grown branch. The new basal shoots must then be removed every year. A blueberry tree is therefore possible, and it looks quite good for 2-5 years, but after that, there is a great danger that it will age and become charred; the branch will simply become too old. The blueberry simply cannot deny that it is actually a blueberry shrub, which it prefers to rejuvenate again and again by means of new shoots from the base. Decide for yourself whether you would like to try out the experiment of a blueberry tree. It is possible to grow a blueberry tree for a few years, but it contradicts the natural growth tendencies of the blueberry bush.

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