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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Schlaraffia® autumn raspberries

Schlaraffia Plentiful Herbsthimbeere Lubera

Schlaraffia® raspberries work for the gardener; he/she only has to harvest and enjoy. For the Schlaraffia autumn raspberry range, we have bred varieties that can be easily cultivated and they yield a very large crop without too much horticultural input.


More useful information about Schlaraffia® autumn raspberries

Schlaraffia® is a synonym for raspberries with little effort and a high yield. Or - to put it in the words of the Austrian TV gardener Karl Ploberger: Schlaraffia® raspberries are the perfect varieties for lazy but intelligent gardeners...

Schlaraffia® raspberries are

- Easy. Easy in almost every way. Robust, little susceptibility to disease. Reliable!

- Thornless

- Medium high growing with an ideal height of 120-150 cm; everything grows at arm's length or even directly into the mouth...

- Extremely high yielding with minimal effort

The Schlaraffia® raspberry varieties

Schlaraffia® Plentiful is the high performance variety with the huge yield. You've probably never seen so many fruits on a raspberry bush before! The harvest starts early; the first fruits are mature in July, but the ripening period lasts for a relatively long time. These varieties are also suitable for growing in containers. If some shoots are left per plant during pruning in February/March, then the first fruits can also be harvested in June. Schlaraffia® Plentiful is very close to being an everbearing variety, a kind of all-timer raspberry.

Schlaraffia® Naschmich (Nibbleme) is a little earlier. The shoots are also thornless, but not branched; very tight upright and stable. The harvest is very large and concentrated, from mid-July to early August. This variety is ideal for fruit lovers who want to process or freeze their rich harvest.

Herbsthimbeere Schlaraffia Naschmich Lubera

The history of Schlaraffia® raspberries

In the last 10 years, two tendencies have been dominant with regard to breeding raspberries for the garden. On the one hand, the autumn raspberry has been made larger and much more fruitful in the aftermath of Autumn Bliss, and on the other hand Lubera® has bred varieties that are especially compact (under one metre), enabling raspberries to be grown on terraces and balconies. But is that all? Is not there something in between?

To be honest, we did not ask ourselves these questions for too long, until, on the basis of a key experience, we suddenly saw a whole group of raspberry breeds in our breeding fields in Switzerland and in East Malling with completely different eyes. The story goes like this: an English garden journalist complained very eloquently after testing the plants that the super-compact raspberries (for example our Lowberry® raspberries, Ruby Beauty or even Baby Dwarf®) did not produce a real yield. Kilograms of fruits were not harvested from these plants! Of course, his demand that a plant with a height of 50 or 80 cm should bear as much as a full-grown plant with a height of 2 m is quite unfair. But the remark has a true main point: many home gardeners do not just want to snack, they also want to harvest properly; they want to experience “enough” and maybe even “too much”; they want to feel the abundance, but please without too much effort. Just like in the land of plenty!

As a result of this criticism (super-compact raspberries bear too little fruit), we suddenly see many of our selections in raspberry breeding with different eyes: at least a dozen breeding numbers, which are about 100-150 cm high, which can be harvested comfortably (so to speak, at arm's length), thornless varieties that are extremely high yielding, raspberry plants that never really cause problems, they always work well and produce fruit. Of course, the average height results from the much greater fertility and usually from the early start of harvest, which together stop growth. 'Voilà!', we thought and still think, when we introduce the first Schlaraffia® varieties to the market after a few test rounds: these are just the right plants for the small garden, but – at least with the variety Schlaraffia® Plentiful – they can also be grown in containers. The Schlaraffia® raspberries are the solution for the home gardener with little time and a big appetite for fruit; they represent a huge harvest and endless enjoyment. But please (almost) without much work. ;-)



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