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Fruit Trees

Burgundy-coloured elderberry 'Black Tower'

Good for enjoying and very eye-catching!

£24.90 *

Kaki Hybrid Nikitas Gift

Hybrid between American kaki and Japanese kaki

From £48.90 *

Ornamental Apple 'Adirondack'

Malus 'Adirondack': white blossoms and small, orange fruits characterise this dwarf...

£19.90 *

Red Elderberry 'Anna'

The unpretentious Sambucus racemosa 'Anna' forms bright reddish-coloured fruit

From £19.90 *

Robustikose® Campanere

The latest Robustikose® with a huge yield

£37.40 *

Robustikose® Promessa di Giugno

The earliest Robustikose®

£37.40 *

Robustikose® Vesuviana Rossa

The red Robustikose® with a peach flavour

£37.40 *


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