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Free delivery for orders with fruit trees or berries. Anything else, flat £4.95.
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Fruit Trees

Akebia quinata - Chocolate vine

Five leaf akebia: the fruits have many minerals

From £19.40 *

Damson Cacacs Schönste (self-fertile)

Bears fruits the fastest

From £18.90 *

Fig Tree Gustis® Amatrice Casale

Gustis® Amatrice Casale has whitish green, bright fruits

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Gustis® Early Black

Early harvest and large fruits

From £29.40 *

No image available Grafted Walnut 'Europa'

The little walnut dwarf

£58.40 *

Large-fruited Blackthorn 'Godenhaus'

Prunus spinosa – a blackthorn with strong, healthy growth and large fruits

£34.40 *

Schisandra chinensis WuWeiZi 'Take 5'

Promotes libido / cleans the vascular system

£19.40 *

Summer Kiwi Adam

Pollinators for all Actinidia kolomikta mini kiwis

£24.90 *

Summer Kiwi Vitakola®

Vitamin C for the summer

£24.90 *


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