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Fruit Trees

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American persimmon (Kaki Meader)

Very good tasting American persimmon with sweet and slightly caramelised taste

From £51.90 *

Burgundy-coloured elderberry 'Black Tower'

Good for enjoying and very eye-catching!

£24.90 *

Bush Cherry Carmine Jewel

The earliest of all bush cherries, has an intense colour

£34.40 *

Bush Cherry Juliet

The variety for dual use: processing and fresh enjoyment

£34.40 *

Bush Cherry Romeo

The late-ripening bush cherry

£34.40 *

Fruttoni® Amber®

A yellow-fleshed mini peach

£29.40 *

Fruttoni® Cinderella®

A self-fertile mini cherry

From £29.40 *

Fruttoni® Crimson®

A dark red mini peach

£29.40 *

Fruttoni® Diamond®

A white-fleshed mini peach

£29.40 *

Fruttoni® Rubis®

A yellow-fleshed mini nectarine

From £29.40 *

Goji Lubera® Instant Success

The absolute vitamin bomb!

From £8.40 *

Goji Sweet Amber®

The absolute vitamin bomb!

£14.90 *

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