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Apple trees

Apple TreeApple trees from Lubera, will provide you with a wonderful supply of apples for all your family for years to come.  Our delicious varieties are superb for the enjoyment of those who are young or old, and can be grown in towns, cities and the countryside. With our Lubera® bred apples Redlove®, Paradis® and Bionda®, you will find a large variety of apple trees, which offer the right choice for everyone. The Malini® columnar trees and the mini apple trees Maloni® are perfect for small gardens, terraces or balconies.

Apple trees in the Lubera® garden online shop

These apple trees are bred and cultivated in the Lubera® fruit tree nursery in Switzerland and are produced for customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries. They combine the characteristics of old, tried and tested varieties, with today's requirements for resistance, robustness, fruitiness and fruit quality. With Lubera® apple trees you can be sure all these qualities are achieved. All Lubera apple varieties are for example scab resistant.

In addition to a great selection of varieties, Lubera® offers a wealth of information on apple trees and apples. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Lubera® team. Yes indeed …there are many reasons to buy apple trees at Lubera®!

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Apple Bionda® Bella

The green blonde apple

From £21.40 *

Apple Bionda® Marilyn®

The sweet blonde

From £21.40 *

Apple Bionda® Patrizia

An elegant blonde

From £21.40 *

Apple Paradis® Elegance®

An autumn apple with an excellent texture and good storability

From £17.40 *

Apple Paradis® Fantasia®

Kids do not like gigantic apples

From £18.90 *

Apple Paradis® Granny Swiss

So real - like it's artificial

From £27.90 *

Apple Paradis® Julka®

The earliest summer dessert apple

From £21.40 *

Apple Paradis® Katka®

Early summer apple with substance...

From £27.90 *

Apple Paradis® Lummerland®

Our new Paradis apples!!!

From £18.90 *

Apple Paradis® Morgana®

Our new Paradis apples!!!

From £18.90 *

Apple Paradis® Myra®

One of the best sweet apples there is

From £18.90 *

Apple Paradis® New Year

THE apple for the new year

From £21.40 *

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Which apple trees do Lubera breed?

The apple varieties on Lubera’s online garden shop, have unique characteristics that make our assortment something really special. And: They all have been bred by Lubera itself

Redlove® - red fleshed and beautiful

Firstly, the focus is on the popular Redlove® with its distinctive full red fruit pulp. Redlove® apples are a real specialty, and are a delicacy with cult status both for direct consumption and for creative cooking and baking and for juice extraction. The Redlove® family is now quite large and offers a wide range of flavours, sizes and other properties such as juice content. And don’t forget: Redlove® Apple varieties have also a huge ornamental impact: With their red leaves, the bright red new shoots, pink flowers and orange autumn colouration they have much more to offer than normal apples. Our varieties include:







Paradis® apples

Our Paradis® apples have a good selection of varieties for the whole family to choose from. These apples look like they are from a story book: The colouring of the outer skin ranges from yellow, to orange to dark or light red. The pulp is firm and pale yellow. Paradis® apples include also a family of early varieties for apple lovers who need their favourite fruit … the earlier the better! The particularly early varieties are, Paradis® Julka® and Paradis® Katka®, both of which can be harvested from the end of July or early August. Ninifee® is also an early apple and can be stored very well, a blessing in apple breeding!  The perfect types for children are the varieties with smaller fruits such as Lummerland and Fantasia, they also love the very sweet autumn apples Paradis® Morgana® and Sierra®.

The bright Bionda® apples

Our yellow and green apple bearing trees are kept under the range name of Bionda®. Their fruit pulp is particularly crisp and fine-celled. They are scab- resistant and even mildew has little chance with these apple trees.

For garden, balcony and terrace - Malini® and Maloni®

Finally, the remaining Lubera apple varieties are these exciting types, Malini® and Maloni®. These columnar and mini apple trees offer wonderful apple tasting pleasure for the urban small garden or for terraces or balconies.

Apple trees from Lubera inspire more and more customers north and south of the Alps. If you are spoiled for choice, do not hesitate to contact the Lubera team. You will receive professional expert advice and lots of tips from the fruit professionals from the Lubera® nursery.

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