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Columnar Apple Malini® Gracilis®

The smallest, most compact columnar apple, ideal for containers

Columnar Apple Malini® Gracilis®


Article number: 2204976


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Product information "Columnar Apple Malini® Gracilis®"

The Malini® Gracilis® columnar apple is by far the most compact and smallest columnar apple in our range. After 10 years it reaches about 150 cm, less than half of the fastest growing varieties of columnar apples such as Dulcessa®, Fresco®, but also Mannequin® and Topmodel®. This makes the scab resistant Malini® Gracilis® perfectly suitable for growing in containers. It is ripe starting at the beginning of September, slightly after Malini® Subito®, and it can also be left to hang until mid-September. As the ripening progresses, it then changes from a balanced sweet/sour apple to a definitely sweet tasting apple. Moreover, it is also very attractively dark red in colour; when fully ripe sometimes almost with a red-brown touch. About 70-90% of the apple’s surface is coloured.

The advantages of the Malini® Gracilis® Columnar Apples

  • Super compact growth, grows only 150 cm high
  • High yielding with sweet fruits, scab resistant and robust
  • Graceful, slender growth with few branches, very elegant

The story of Malini® Gracilis®

Using Gracilis® as an example, we can show very well how long it takes to grow and develop a new apple. This apple variety was crossed in 1998 or 1999, a good 20 years ago. The mother is Resi, which brings the fruit quality, but also the reduced growth as well as scab resistance; the father is Telamon, which brings the columnar growth into the “marriage”. This variety was then selected in the seedling field in 2005, already at the end of August. The selected columnar tree 11/05 was assigned the trial number, which was the eleventh selection we made for apples in 2005. The original description in our breeding book already covers a lot of what Gracilis® is all about: the fruit size of Resi, but much darker and fuller in colour; a balanced aroma as well as balanced sweetness/sourness – and the freshly selected selection number 11/05 also obtained the best overall mark we can give in the breeding process at the first selection – a 9.

Malini® Gracilis® and the different growth groups of the columnar apples

This number 11/05 was then propagated, planted in the second test stage together with other columnar apples and tested for 10 years; this makes it possible to monitor the regularity of the yields, to determine the health of the tree and above all to determine the exact growth type over the years: 11/05, now called Malini® Gracilis®, is definitely the most compact columnar apple in our range, again much more compact than the varieties of the average growing group with Subito® and Pronto®. If Gracilis® reaches a height of 140-160 cm after 10 years of growth, Subito® and Pronto® will be approx. 250 cm tall. The strong growing columnar apples Dulcessa® and Fresco®, but also Mannequin® reach a height of well over 3 m – whereby all varieties show the typical columnar growth: almost no branching, but a strong urge to grow upwards...The main difference between all these varieties is the internode distance, the distance from leaf to leaf, which is the shortest in Gracilis®. This is what leads to the super compact, but columnar growth.

Malini® Gracilis® for pot cultivation

Gracilis® is the perfect variety for growing in pots. If you buy a one-year-old tree, after repotting it in a 25 L container, make sure that it is well nourished and fertilised so that the tree gains some height as quickly as possible and before the first fruits appear. It may also be necessary and useful to remove the first fruits in the first year when planted in a pot (or even in the garden) in order to achieve a little more growth.

Pruning Gracilis® columnar apples

While stronger growing columnar apples always produce stronger side shoots, which should ideally be cut back to 10-15 cm around the longest day, this is hardly ever the case with Gracilis®. Also, the height does not have to be limited after 5 to 6 years as with other varieties. However, in the spring, before budding, it is worth removing the side buds of the central main bud at the top with your fingernails, in order to allow a little more growth. Actual pruning is not necessary.

Short description of the columnar apple variety Malini® Gracilis®

Fruits: Small to medium-sized, roundish fruits, 70-90% dark red in colour, when fully ripe or overripe the colour can become almost dark red-brown.
Harvest: From the beginning of September to mid-September, can be eaten directly from the tree, can be stored as an autumn apple until November – but hopefully by then, all of the fruits will have been eaten long ago...
Flavour: At the beginning of September, the taste is rather balanced, sweet/sour and in mid-September, when fully ripe, the apple becomes clearly sweet, with a fine apple aroma. The Gracilis® apple is fine-celled and juicy.
Growth: Narrow, delicate, elegant, yet compact, after 10 years approx. 150 cm high, in a pot a good 100 cm, few side shoots.
Resistance: Resistant to scab, low susceptibility to mildew.
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period September
  • Final height 100cm to 160cm
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Flower Colour white
  • Leaf Colour green
  • Lubera Breeding This plant was bred by Lubera in Switzerland and placed on the market after extensive testing at our facilities in Buchs (CH) and Bad Zwischenahn (D). In 20 years of work, Lubera's founder and breeder Markus Kobelt has bred more than 80 of his own new varieties for the home garden; they all have the goal of providing you, our customers, with more experience and flavour, easier growing and more resistant, more robust varieties.

Customer comments "Columnar Apple Malini® Gracilis®"

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