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Columnar Apple Malini® Topmodel

The balanced columnar apple with a slim appearance

Columnar Apple Malini® Topmodel


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Product information "Columnar Apple Malini® Topmodel"

The columnar apple variety Malini® Topmodel is of course – the name is treacherously related – the sister of the Lubera variety Malini® Mannequin. Of course, the feminine, elegant associations are meant to be descriptive: both of the columnar trees have a very slender growth type. Both varieties also produce fewer lateral shoots than the other columnar varieties Malini Pronto® and Malini Subito®.
And like the long-legged sister variety Malini® Mannequin, Malini® Topmodel is also a member of the class of higher-growing columnar varieties: Malini® Topmodel grows to a height of about 3 m after 7-8 years, when the trees, as is the case with Lubera®, are grafted onto the fertile rootstock M26. Have not I yet told you anything about the taste? Then I'll get to it now: Malini® Topmodel has slightly more acidity, more sourness, than Mannequin, when eaten directly off the tree, harvested at the end of September. Still one could not call Topmodel a sour apple, but rather as being balanced and aromatic. Nevertheless, the two varieties from haute couture complement each other perfectly:

Mannequin is quite simple and sweet without any discussion, while Topmodel has a dash of sourness that is quite pleasant. This makes Malini® Topmodel apples even more interesting after storage in January and February. We refrain from discussing the question as to which apple, whether Malini® Topmodel or Malini® Mannequin, could be more tempting. We try our best to be politically correct in our apple descriptions as well...

Short Description of Columnar Apple Malini® Topmodel

Maturity/harvest: End of September.

Fruits: Medium-sized, round, but slightly tall-bodied, bulbous around the stem. At harvest time, the
fruit is 50 - 80% dark red, sometimes very dark, almost brownish red in colour, which then brightens during storage to a nice dark red. Clear, bright lenticels are visible through the dominant colour.

Flavour: Lubera's Next Topmodel has a balanced character; there is an evident sourness at the time of harvest, but it is not enough to describe the apple as being sour. Already tree-ripe, the apple is best described as having a balanced flavour. Interestingly, the sourness does not break down during storage, but remains well preserved, so that in January the characterisation is the same: a balanced apple, with a pleasantly fine apple flavour that does not have a cider-y taste like some well-ripened apples.

Plant spacing: 50 cm – 100 cm

Growth: The columnar apple Malini® Topmodel has a typical columnar habit and has rather below average branching, so it always stays slim and upright growing. Thus the name. ;-). In addition, Malini® Topmodel also belongs to the group of hedge-high Malini®, which grow about 3 m high after 7 years. Like the other Malini® varieties, Topmodel is resistant to scab and also less susceptible to mildew.

Training: Malini® Topmodel requires little pruning. Should a side shoot still arise, it should be cut back to 15 cm around the longest day. Alternatively, all side shoots that have grown too long should be cut back to 10-20 cm in February.
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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