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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Other pear varieties

Pear tree at Lubera

Delicious pear varieties are an absolute must for harvesting pleasure during the autumn months. At Lubera, you can buy a pear tree and enjoy new and old pear varieties.

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Columnar Pear Pirini® Myway®

The first real columnar pear tree

From £24.90 *

Fruitful Soil No. 2 | Planting Soil

For garden & soil improvement

From £22.40 *

Frutilizer® Seasonal Fertiliser Plus

The slow release fertiliser with trace elements for permanent crops & potted plants

Instead of: £12.90 * From £11.90 *

Mini Pear Pironi® Joy of Kent

The super-compact mini pear tree

From £24.90 *

Mini Pear Pironi® Little Sweety®

An aromatic, melting mini pear

From £24.90 *

Pear Comice (Vereinsdechant)

A very large fruited pear for storing with gourmet qualities

Instead of: £28.90 * From £25.90 *

Pear Conférence

Common variety for storing

Instead of: £19.40 * From £17.40 *

Pear Dessera®

An early variety; one of the few varieties of pears that can be eaten crisp

Instead of: £28.90 * From £25.90 *

Pear Gute Luise

Frost resistant autumn pear, yellow-green with red cheeks

Instead of: £28.90 * From £25.90 *

Pear Novembra®

A high-yielding winter pear, a new discovery

Instead of: £28.90 * From £25.90 *

Pear Saxonia Eckehard

Red-green winter pear

Instead of: £28.90 * From £25.90 *

Pear Saxonia Elektra(S)

Slightly blushed autumn pear

Instead of: £28.90 * From £25.90 *

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More information about different pear tree varieties


Our assortment includes the varieties 'Conference' as well as the famous 'Williams Christ' pears, the 'Gute Luise' and the 'Comice' variety. Especially beautiful and storable is the bronze-coloured pear variety 'Uta', which as an aromatic and storage pear has what it takes to become the new pear star. Among the "blushing" pear varieties, the 'Saxonia' pears are particularly interesting, of which we can offer the varieties 'Elektra', 'Gerburg' and 'Eckehardt' 



Pears for every garden and balcony


Lubera also has exciting pear trees on offer outside those of the classic pears.

  • The ‘Dessera®’ pear is very good to eat fresh, while the ‘Sote Schweizerhose’ with its unique stripes is an interesting decorative pear.
  • The ‘Novembra®' winter pear is particularly high-yielding, while the ‘Spoon Pear’ can rightly be called the queen of pears. When left to ripen in the fruit bowl, the juicy fruit flesh can be easily eaten out of the cut pear halves with a spoon. 

Pears, which can be planted in your own garden, open up a completely different pleasure than bought fruit from the supermarket. These are often sold al dente, i.e. firm to the bite so that the enjoyment is clouded. However, if you can determine the exact time of harvest with the pear varieties from Lubera, the result is a real treat consisting of juicy, soft and very aromatic pear fruit pulp. If the yield is higher when the pear trees grow larger, the pears can be stored in a cool cellar. This way you can enjoy the wonderful pear varieties of Lubera for a long time. 


Pear varieties from Lubera


In the Lubera shop, we not only offer the classic pear varieties but also our own cultivars. These are especially interesting for those who are looking for something special. All pear varieties we offer are just right for pear lovers. Pears from our own garden have a much better taste, as they are juicier and more aromatic. You can also better determine the time of harvest and leave the pears on the tree until they are really ripe. 


Planting a pear - this is how you proceed


The ideal planting time for pear trees is either in autumn or in the spring. When planting in autumn, you should plant until the middle or end of October. This gives the tree plenty of opportunity to grow before the winter. The advantage of planting in the autumn is that the tree will have already taken root by next spring. This means that it can sprout and also form flowers. Spring planting is done as early as possible, but only after the frost. It depends on your region when you have left the frost period behind. Usually, you will have to wait until April. 

To plant the tree correctly, first prepare the root ball. A root cut removes dead roots. Then the roots are watered. Since the trees are delivered by Lubera in containers, they can be placed with their root ball in a large bucket or tub of water. In this way, the root ball is sufficiently watered before planting. During watering, the planting hole can be dug. This should be large enough for the root ball. It must also be deep enough so that the grafting point is 10 to 15 cm above the ground. The soil should be permeable.


Staking and watering


If there is an impermeable layer of clay in your garden, you should pierce it with a spade. It is also recommended that a stake be dug into the ground. The tree is then tied to this with a rope. Finally, the planting hole is filled with crumbly soil, which is then pressed on and watered thoroughly. The watering should be repeated every two days in the week after planting. 


Espalier and columnar pear trees


If the garden is smaller or if a pear tree is to grow directly at the front of the house or on the balcony, it is good to plant espalier or columnar pears. 'Pironi' mini pear trees and the ‘Pirini’ columnar pear are ideal when there is limited space. 

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