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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Cherry trees

Cherry trees from LuberaCherry trees are the beautiful messengers of spring and bring with them delicious, juicy cherries in the summer.

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Bush Cherry Carmine Jewel

The earliest of all bush cherries, has an intense colour

Instead of: £35.40 * £31.90 *

Bush Cherry Crimson Passion

The sweet dwarf bush cherry

Instead of: £35.40 * £31.90 *

Bush Cherry Evans Cherry

A sour cherry that produces great yields

Instead of: £35.40 * £31.90 *

Bush Cherry Juliet

The variety for dual use: processing and fresh enjoyment

Instead of: £35.40 * £31.90 *

Bush Cherry Romeo

The late-ripening bush cherry

Instead of: £35.40 * £31.90 *

Bush Cherry Valentine

The bright red bush cherry for cakes and processing

Instead of: £35.40 * £31.90 *

Columnar Cherry Fruttini® Garden Bing®

A columnar cherry for the smallest gardens

Instead of: £25.90 * £23.40 *

Columnar Sour Cherry Fruttini® 'Jachim'

A columnar sour cherry tree for small gardens

Instead of: £35.40 * From £30.40 *

Sour Cherry 'Jade'

Instead of: £33.40 * £30.40 *

Sweet Cherry Giorgia

The best early variety

Instead of: £28.90 * From £25.90 *

Sweet Cherry Kordia

The modern cherry variety with the best overall earliness

Instead of: £19.40 * From £17.40 *

Sweet Cherry Lapins

The first self-fertile cherry variety with good quality

Instead of: £19.40 * From £17.40 *

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More useful information about Cherry trees

In the Lubera online garden shop you can find a large assortment of these lovely fruit trees. Sweet cherry trees, which have the botanical name Prunus avium , are a must for every garden. If you want to buy a cherry tree, you should take a closer look at the Lubera range. The abundant range of varieties, provides cherry trees for every taste and every garden. The trees themselves are inspiring due to their beautiful growth, stunning blooms in the spring and juicy fruits in the summer. These are particularly tasty, aromatic and healthy when they come straight from your own garden. The cherries can be harvested and enjoyed depending on the variety, from late June to August. Thus, the cherry tree is a treat for the eye and also for the palate!

The right place for cherry trees

For the best results when growing a cherry tree, it should be planted in a sunny, but, not too dry spot. When it is in the right location, the cherry tree is easy to grow and strong. With the large range of cherry trees in the Lubera online garden shop, you are spoilt for choice and you will find the cherry tree you desire easily.

Buy cherry trees - a great choice!

In order to select the right tree, you need to know how much space you have available and which cherries you want to harvest. From our range of cherry trees, you can choose the size and even buy a mini cherry tree for a small garden or balcony. A mini cherry tree from Lubera grows to only 1.5 metres high.  There is also a wonderful array of varieties: Do you prefer a sweet cherry tree or a sour cherry tree? We have a wide selection of both, so you are bound to find what you are looking for!

Mini cherry trees

Mini cherry trees are trendy - while traditional cherry trees can easily reach a height of 5 metres, you get what it says on the tin with mini cherry trees. We also have these little space saving varieties on the Lubera online garden shop. These are perfect, not just for small gardens, but also for balconies or an urban roof top terrace in the city. Our mini cherry trees reach a final size of 1.5 metres after 8 to 10 years and are a wonderful form of decoration for any terrace or small garden and will the owner’s utmost pleasure.

Mini cherry trees from the Lubera online garden shop

In the Lubera online garden shop, you can buy the mini cherry tree Fruttoni Cinderella and plant it in a pot or tub at home. It is the ideal plant for container growing and is self-pollinating. The fruits shine like bright red rubies! They can be harvested from beginning-July to mid-July. The taste of the fruit is somewhat sour, but really delicious. The acidity of the cherry is mild and these fruits are perfect eaten straight off the tree. These mini cherry tree varieties are robust and resistant to diseases and pests.

Sweet cherry trees

Sweet cherry trees are among the most popular of cherry tree types. Whether dark, light red or light orange - sweet cherries inspire young and old in summer. They taste even better when they come from their own tree. Our sweet cherry assortment, therefore, leaves nothing to be desired and is inspiringly bred. So we can ensure a very good quality and above all, good taste if you want to buy a sweet cherry tree from our online garden shop.

Sweet cherry trees in the Lubera garden shop - proven diversity

There are interesting differences in sweet cherry trees, so there should be something for every taste. The best quality of the sweet cherries is the sweet-cherry Regina. The beautiful dark red-brown fruits can be harvested from the end of July to the beginning of August. Lapin's sweet cherry is the first sweet cherry tree that can pollinise itself and at the same time also other cherries. Its full bodied fruit is harvested at the end of July and has a sweet-sour and balanced taste. The pulp is firm, but also has a high juice content. The sweet cherry Sylvia is a safe purchase for sweet cherry lovers. It has large fruits, which are fruity, sweet and juicy. With its dense foliage it protects the cherries from rain, so they burst more rarely. The delicious fruits are harvested in the middle of July. Finally, the yellow sweet cherry Moonlight should be noted. Not only does the fruit change colour from yellow to orange-red, but the taste is thrilling! Enjoy our cherry assortment, which can be delivered safely and quickly, straight to your home!

Why plant cherry trees

For cherry lovers, the sweet cherries are the perfect choice, because here the aromatic, sweet and juicy taste of the cherries is at the forefront. One of the many advantages of buying a sweet cherry tree is the decorative effect of the blossoms in the spring and the later reward of sweet, juicy and lush cherries. Sweet cherry trees from Lubera not only grow vigorously, but they also quickly reach a decent yield.     

In the cherry harvest, it is important that the cherries stay on the tree until fully matured, so that they can develop their sweet aroma as much as possible. You do not have to worry about the cherries bursting, because they are relatively splitting-resistant. But you have to hurry while harvesting the cherries - otherwise the birds in the garden will reap the fruity rewards before you do! The better solution is to protect your cherries by netting them in the last 4-6 week before harvesting.

Columnar cherry trees

The shape of the columnar cherry trees, means that they remain compact in their growth and are therefore perfect for the small garden and balcony. If you buy a columnar cherry tree from the Lubera online garden shop, you are assured a tree that IS actually a columnar tree and not just trimmed to look like one. Our columnar trees are the result of long-standing breeding efforts. So if you are one of the cherry lovers who do not have the space needed for a common cherry tree, then this is the perfect solution for you. With our assortment you have the possibility to buy and plant your own columnar. As a reward, you can harvest and enjoy heart-shaped mild sour cherries. You can enjoy a double tree-lined garden: you can have a decorative tree for a terrace or a balcony, and in the summer you can have a good abundance of juicy cherries.

Columnar cherry trees from the Lubera online garden shop

From our assortment, you can choose between Fruttini Jachim and Fruttini Garden Bing. Fruttini Jachim is the best columnar cherry suitable for fresh consumption, since the ratio of sugar and acid is particularly balanced. The cherries are large and the flesh pulls away well from the stone, which is a significant advantage when consumed. Particularly noteworthy is the dark red colour of the fruit and the flesh. It is the most strongly coloured variety of all sour cherries. Fruttini Jachim is robust and resistant to diseases. It is also fairly hardy, since the flowers are particularly large. Finally, Fruttini Jachim has a good tolerance against brown rot. Fruttini Garden Bing is the perfect columnar cherry tree for the smallest gardens, because it will not exceed 1.5 to 2 metres. The heart-shaped fruits can be harvested in the middle of June.

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