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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Sour cherries

Buy sour cherry trees at LuberaSour cherry trees belong to the most popular varieties of cherry trees. Nomen est omen – sour cherries are cherries whose acidity is higher.

Columnar Sour Cherry Fruttini® 'Jachim'

A columnar sour cherry tree for small gardens

From £30.40 *


More useful information about Sour cherries

The fruits can be processed into jam, desserts and many other delicious fruit compositions - true to the motto 'sour makes you happy'. All of the sour cherry varieties that you can find in the Lubera Garden Shop are of course also suitable for eating fresh. You will find a particularly large assortment of sour cherries here in the Lubera Garden Shop when you are looking to buy sour cherry trees. Among the varieties we recommend plants from our own breeding, such as the sour cherry Jade , or the sour cherry in columnar form Fruttini Jachim . With these varieties we have paid special attention to the mixture of sugar and acidity.

Buy sour cherry trees in the Lubera garden shop – the advantages

If you buy sour cherry trees at Lubera you can look forward to fruity cherry harvests. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed. Moreover, sour cherry trees are robust and cause few problems in terms of pests and diseases. Our varieties are particularly resistant to blossom blight and can tolerate frost very well. Bareness or balding - an otherwise common problem with cherry trees – is not a problem either. Instead, the sour cherry trees from Lubera are characterised by having good fertility on old wood. Finally, here is another piece of good news: our sour cherry trees are self-pollinating and, in case of doubt, they do not need a pollinator. Of course, diligent bees and bumblebees are still welcome!

Buy sour cherry trees from Lubera – a wide range in our garden shop

When it comes to the size of the sour cherry trees or the fruit, there are of course differences. But when you buy sour cherry trees from Lubera you will find something for every taste in our shop. Our sour cherry Jade is characterised by its high yields and medium to large fruits, which have a beautiful, medium red colour. Fruttini Jachim was bred by us and it is the perfect columnar cherry for small gardens. It is harvested late and has very large flowers. The fruits from this sour cherry tree are unique because they appear dark red on the outside as well as on the inside. If you are looking for something small but fine, the mini cherry Fruttoni Cinderella is the right choice. It is characterised by its compact growth and the bright light red fruit. This is what makes it very attractive. In addition to these three sour cherry tree varieties, you will find more varieties here in our sour cherry tree category.

Harvesting sour cherry trees

When it comes to nibbling cherries, sweet cherries are without doubt preferred to sour cherries. These develop their true strengths less than raw fruit that comes from the tree into the mouth. Rather, sour cherries in desserts, cakes, jams or sauces are real classics of fruit cuisine because of their fruity acidity. What would a delicious Black Forest cherry cake be without dark sour cherries? Of course, sour cherries with sweetness make for a pleasant treat. But their acidity is noticeable in any case and this is what makes the sour cherry tree varieties so appealing.

Sour cherries are harvested a little later than sweet cherries, which are often ripe for harvest from June onwards. As with sweet cherry trees, care must be taken to ensure that birds do not get a lion's share. Cherries that have burst in heavy rain can also spoil the joy of harvesting. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the weather when harvesting cherries in order not to miss the ideal harvest time.

After harvesting, the cherries are cleaned of coarse dirt, washed and pitted. Depending on their use, they are boiled with water and sugar. This provides a basis for many delicious sour cherry recipes, which are very tasty as jams, marmalades, stewed cherries or cherry sauces. Sour cherries are also excellent in combination with other soft fruits.

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