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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Sweet Cherry Kordia

The modern cherry variety with the best overall earliness

Sweet Cherry Kordia


Article number: 2191666


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£19.40 *

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Product information "Sweet Cherry Kordia"

15-25 July
Huge fruits, heart-shaped, purple-brown to brown-black, with a striking shine
Crisp, sweet with a refreshing acidity
Strong, healthy, broad growth, very beautiful fruiting branches
Star, Lapins, other standard varieties with medium maturity
Final height:
2.5 m
  • Flowering Period April
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period July
  • Final height 4m to 5m
  • Final width 3m to 4m
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type deciduous
  • Sweetness sweet
  • Use South- and West-facing walls, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil moist, heavy, moderately heavy, light, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location partial shade, full sun
  • Flower Colour white
  • Leaf Colour green
  • Lubera Easy Tip Based on our experience in the variety tests but also in customer service, we have awarded this plant with the title “Lubera Easy Tip”. With this designation, we emphasise only those plants that according to our experience work (almost) everywhere; they are easy to grow and bear fruits or produce flowers quickly and without problems. These are plants that can be enjoyed immediately and without effort once planted.

Customer comments "Sweet Cherry Kordia"

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Jan 26, 2020

Rootstock (Serena)

Can you tell me the rootstock for the 1-year-old tree please (if Gisela, which Gisela ie 5 or 6?), and what its mature height would be? Thank you.

Feb 28, 2020

Rootstock (Lubera)

Hi Serena
The rootstock is Gisela 5, the mature high is around 3m. Best regards from Switzerland

Jan 25, 2020

Rootstock (Serena)

Can you tell me the rootstock for the 1-year-old tree please (if Gisela, which Gisela ie 5 or 6?), and what its mature height would be? Thank you.

Aug 4, 2017

Kordia 2 Year Old Bush (TM)

Received delivery today of my first order a 2 year old bush Kordia. Absolutely delighted with the tree! Very healthy approx 1.8m tree with a good diameter trunk and strong stems. Excellently packed and delivered from Germany to the UK in 4 days! This is the best mail order fruit tree I have purchased! I look forward to my next order and will recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Many thanks Lubera Team!

Aug 4, 2017

Kordia 2 Year Old Bush (Sonja Dreher)

thank you very much, for your kind feedback. It is much appreciated.
We are happy to hear that our customers enjoy our plants.

kind regards
Your Lubera Team

Jul 25, 2017

Delivery Size and Rootstock (TM)

What is the delivery size of the Kordia Cherry 2 year old bush and what rootstock is it grafted on to?

Jul 25, 2017

Sweet Cherry Kordia (Sonja Dreher)

Kordia is on "Gisela" rootstock and has a height of 1,6 m at delivery, as a 2 yo bush.
kind regards
your Lubera Team

Aug 5, 2015

Kordia (Dunc)

We have a North facing garden in devon,would a kordia do well here?also do you Need another cherry variety for pollination nearby? Thank you Duncan.

Aug 5, 2015

cherry Kordia (Sonja Dreher)

a North facing garden is not that optimal, as the cherries Need the sun, to develop their full taste.
Kordia would need a second variety for pollination. We recommend "Star" or "Lapins".

Kind regrads
your lubera team

Jul 1, 2015

Planting (Doreen Cann)

Can this plant grow in a pot. If it can how big does the pot need to be. I can only plant in pots as I do not have any soil.

Jul 2, 2015

Planting (Your Lubera Team - Sonja Hendrischke)


cherries are growing quite strong and are no culture that does well in a pot.
the root-volume is growing too strong.
For pots you can better Chose a plant from our Fruttoni series. These are bred for pot-culture.
Kind regards
Your Lubera Team

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