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Frutilizer® Instant Solution Fe Iron Fertiliser

Nutrient salt with plant-ready iron

Frutilizer® Instant Solution Fe Iron Fertiliser


Article number: 2193538

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Product information "Frutilizer® Instant Solution Fe Iron Fertiliser"

  • Solves iron chlorosis problems (curative)
Symptoms of iron chlorosis:
Yellow leaf whitening, the leaf veins remain dark green and the borders are clearly visible. Iron chlorosis often occurs in calcareous soils with a high pH above 7
Particularly susceptible plants for iron chlorosis include the following:
Autumn raspberries, summer raspberries, citrus trees, petunias, kiwi, hydrangeas, camellias, palm trees
Dosage when watering: 5 g per 10 L of water
Dosage when sprinkling outdoors: Sprinkle 5 g per 1 m², incorporate in the soil and water
Dosage when used over the leaf: Limit to 2 g per 10 L
Contents: Plant-available iron compounds
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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